4 Call Blocker Apps That You Should Start Using

Don’t you find it annoying if you receive numerous phone calls from someone you don’t know? Receiving phone calls from someone you don’t know can sometimes ruin your day, and it’s one of the worst things that could happen to you. Thankfully, tons of apps can help you block those unknown callers and protect yourself from scams.

A call blocker app gives you the ability to block unwanted calls from an unknown number. These unknown callers might be potential scammers, so you should be prepared. You can also use this app to avoid any disturbance in your peaceful daily activities. With that, here are four call blocker apps that you should use to block those unwanted calls.


Nomorobo has become popular nowadays, and it has become one of the best call blocker apps for Android and iOS. It has many amazing features that make the app very useful. You have a 14-day free trial, and if you find the app helpful in different ways, you can register for a subscription of $1.99/month or $19.99/ year.

Nomorobo has a simple interface, which makes it easy for anyone new to the app. You can also configure all the tools in the way that you want. When using the app, you will always hear the first ring when someone calls you. If it detects the call as spam, it will automatically block the call. If it continues to ring, it might be something important.


As the name suggests, the app is also one of the best apps that you can find today as it works well when it comes to blocking a call. Robokiller has a powerful call-blocking system that makes it stand out from other apps. It has an answer bot that answers the phone with a prerecorded message and messes with unknown callers and spammers.

Robokiller doesn’t only scan your local blocklist, it also searches its database and if that particular number falls under their database, it will automatically block it for you. It can also protect you from spam calls and SMS. The app will give you a 7-day free trial, and if you like the app, you can subscribe to the app by paying $3.99/month or by paying $29.99/year.


If you are considering installing a call-blocker app, YouMail should be part of your choices. YouMail also can protect you from those spam calls, and to make it even better, the app will give you a feature that provides you with a better voicemail to mess around with those callers.

If you have YouMail installed, you won’t be doing anything else because the app will do all of the work for you. The app will automatically catch all of the incoming calls and compare them with their list of bad numbers. If the app detects the call as spam, it will answer the call with a disconnected tone. The app can be downloaded on Android and iOS.


TrueCaller has many users around the world, which makes the app one of the best call-blocker apps in the market today. Not only does it block spam calls, but the app also can identify the caller’s information, such as name, location, and professional community. The identified information will be shown on your screen.


We can now protect ourselves from those unwanted calls that may cause disturbance to our peaceful day thanks to the call-blocker apps. The list may be short, but there are still a lot of apps that you can find out there.

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