4 Couple Jewelry Ideas for Best Friends in Love

Best friends make for better lovers!

A survey of 190 people in relationships found that 27% of the relationships failed when the couples weren’t both friends and lovers. Whereas the couples who were investing in the friendship side of their relationship stayed together longer. Not only did they stay together, but the best friend couples also reported higher levels of sexual satisfaction.

If you’re in love with your best friend then this article’s for you. We’ll show you some of the best couple of jewelry ideas, that make for wonderful gifts! From rings to bracelets, and more, there are so many different jewelry opportunities.

Read on to learn about 4 jewelry ideas for couples.

1- Couple Jewelry Ideas for Rings

Let’s start by looking at a couple of jewelry ideas for rings! For a sleek, stylish set of rings, consider getting sterling silver moon and sun rings.

One of the rings will have a sun on the outside of the band, while the other will showcase a crescent moon. The symbolism of the sun and moon rings is that you love your partner all of the time, whether it’s day or night.

Next, you can engrave the inside of the ring bands to say something like, “I love you”, or whatever phrase makes the most sense for your relationship. We suggest you shop on a site, to avoid overpaying for your rings. Finally, if you’re getting the rings as a surprise, look for an adjustable size option so you can be certain it’ll be a perfect fit!

2- Cute Matching Bracelets

Moving on, there are also tons of cute jewelry ideas for couples when it comes to bracelets. For instance, you could get magnetic couple bracelets that are customized.

Each of the bracelets will come with magnetic charms that attach when they’re close enough. We’re particularly fond of the different puzzle shaped charms out there because they look so cute when they fit together!

3- Romantic Necklace Ideas for Couples

Next, you can also find his and her jewelry for necklaces. For instance, consider getting a personalized, vertical bar, stainless steel necklace, that you engrave.

The vertical bar will have 4 different sides and you can engrave each side with something that relates to your relationship. For example, you could put the date you met each of your names and a heartfelt message.

4- Couple Jewelry Ideas for Earrings

Do you and your partner both have pierced ears? If yes then you can showcase your love with matching unisex stud earrings!

We suggest you check out the different Viking runes earrings out there. Viking earrings have a unique logo design, which will help you and your partners love to stand apart from the crowd.

Show off Your Love

Which one of our couple’s jewelry ideas are you going to try first? If you can’t decide, you could always go with all of the options in this article! After all, you can never have too much jewelry, especially when it has sentimental value.

Go ahead and start shopping for the perfect couples’ jewelry today, so you can give your partner a gift that lasts a lifetime. For more helpful articles like this one, check out the rest of this site.

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