4 Document Management Service Companies to Help Your Business

Owning a business is a lot of responsibility, and there are some aspects of running a business that must be prioritized. The management of documents is extremely essential for a number of reasons. One of the most important reasons is that without proper organization, running a business can become quite hectic. This can make finding the proper documents when you need them nearly impossible. Document management services can help immensely.

Not only can a document management company streamline the entire process of filing and retrieving important documents, but everything is digital, reducing the number of paper files, or completely eliminating the need for them altogether. Here are overviews of four document management companies that can help your business.

Tab Service Company

This company has been in the business of managing the documents of businesses since 1960. The Tab Service Company can make running your business a lot easier and stress-free. They have a proven track record for professionally and efficiently managing business documents, and they provide other services, as well. Here is a list of all the services that the Tab Service Company provides to businesses:

  • Tax form processing and e-filing
  • Printing and mailing, with a digital mailroom
  • Document scanning
  • Data entry
  • Data capture and forms processing
  • Survey data processing

If you’re only interested in document management with the Tab Service Company, then you aren’t forced to purchase other services. However, although subscribing to multiple services isn’t required, you might be able to receive a discounted price should you purchase more than one service. The Tab Service has many testimonials from current and former satisfied customers that prospective customers can read.

If you have any questions or concerns, or if you need clarification before subscribing to services, simply contact the Tab Service Company by phone or email, and their knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist you.

Iron Mountain

Founded in 1951, Iron Mountain is another document management company that has decades of experience. Not only does Iron Mountain provide document management, but they also provide management of assets, as well. This can be very beneficial to many businesses because allowing Iron Mountain to digitally maintain all your documents and assets frees up time and space. 

Businesses trust Iron Mountain because Iron Mountain has made a pledge to ensure security and protection for all their customers. Iron Mountain only hires employees who have gone through and passed their rigorous background check, and employees must participate in ongoing security training. Iron Mountain also has a third party to conduct its audits, which improves security. 

If you’re interested in possibly allowing Iron Mountain to provide your documentation management, upon contacting them, they can provide you with a free quote. After obtaining quotes from all the document management companies that you’re considering, you can then make a final decision regarding the company you’d like to obtain services from.

Record Nations

In business since 1977, Record Nations has a positive history of providing management and security for the documents of businesses everywhere. Record Nations provides free quotes, and they strive to offer the best rates for their top-quality services. In the past, it was only larger businesses that felt the need to invest in documentation management services.

However, over the years, mid-size and even smaller businesses have realized the many benefits of such services, as Record Nations has stressed the importance of document management for all businesses, regardless of size. In fact, Record Nations has proved to the businesses that they work with that their companies can grow exponentially by allowing an expert to professionally manage their documents. 

Record Nations provides storage of documents, in addition to document scanning services. Many businesses run out of the space necessary to store physical files and documents, which is why Record Nations is very beneficial for all businesses. The document scanning service provides a digital backup of each file, which can be pulled up immediately, whenever needed.

There’s no need to physically search through files, as data scanning makes it fast and convenient to pull up any file in a matter of seconds. Record Nations offers additional services as well, and should you contact them for a free quote, you can inquire about the additional services that they offer.

ICM Docs

Founded in 1988, ICM Docs is another respectable company that takes the management of essential documents for businesses seriously. Not only is ICM Docs family-owned, but they take pride in the fact that they’re woman-owned, as well. The hardworking women (and men) at ICM Docs provide data management services, IT services, as well as document scanning services.

ICM Docs’ services are HIPAA and FAA compliant, so any business requiring the management of documents containing sensitive medical information can rest assured that ICM Docs will properly and securely manage your data.

ICM Docs has a full list of FAQs along with the answers on their website, but if you still have other questions or are interested in a quote, feel free to contact them and they will be more than happy to address your concerns. ICM Docs offers four types of document management:

  • View center – this easy-to-use digital documentation management system is one of the company’s most popular systems
  • Infocenter – this is another popular choice, and Infocenter enables organizations to quickly and easily share files and records from various sources
  • Forms center – this system enables businesses to quickly and easily access various forms that they may need throughout their workday. These forms are drop and drag, for ease of use
  • Scancenter – this system makes it a cinch for businesses to easily scan and digitize important documents

As you can see, the management of documentation is extremely important for businesses of all sizes. Document management companies provide many benefits to businesses, and the above companies have excellent reputations for providing.

As you can see, the management of documentation is extremely important for businesses of all sizes. Document management companies provide many benefits to businesses, and the above companies have excellent reputations for providing optimal service. 

You can also refer to some offshore companies with data entry outsourced services that should be able to provide expert document management services.

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