4 Essential Skin Care Tips to Follow This Summer

With summer being just around the corner it is high time to start thinking about the appropriate skincare routines you can use to maintain a healthy glow throughout the warm summer days and damaging sunray exposure. Now, not every skin type is the same and you need to adjust your routine to both nourish and protect your skin throughout the summer months. This article features some of the most essential skin care tips that you can use regardless of your skin type. They are bound to help you maintain a flawless complexion through the summer.

Do not forget the sunscreen

This should go without saying but we still have to stress it a bit more. Sunscreen with a high SPF is a must during the summer months. It should be between 30-50 SPF and cover both UVA and UVB rays. Applying it once a day is not nearly enough, even if it is waterproof. Put it on before you go out each time. That way you can ensure an optimal level of protection and help your skin stay healthy despite the sun exposure it is submitted to throughout the day. You should also do a bit of research on the different types of sunscreen so that you can choose the ideal option for your skin type, thus ensuring the best optimal protection.

Keep that face nice and clean

With the amount of time that we spend outside during the summer months, it is essential that we have a well thought out skin cleansing routine. Especially if we plan to spend some time on the beach. The first step is getting a high-quality Jojoba facial cleanser that will get rid of all impurities and allow your moisturizer to react better with your skin. Don’t forget to also exfoliate at least once a week, so that you can help your skin maintain an even skin tone throughout the summer. If you want you can use natural ingredients like coffee or baking soda. Just make sure you don’t overdo it, scrubbing your skin too often can expose it to more damage from strong sun rays.

Minimize your makeup usage

makeup usage, Minimize your makeup usage

It is summer, you can afford to minimize your makeup usage. You will already have a great tan due to sun rays and a great glow to go with it. In addition, your makeup can do more harm than good. One of the reasons for this is that humidity and heat suppress the skin’s ability to breathe and all they do is actually stress it out. So it is far better to let your skin breathe and to avoid putting on anything heavy on the face like thick concealers. You can if you find it absolutely necessary to use a tinted moisturizer. And instead of lipstick make sure you use lip balm, even a tinted one is a great option. That way you can ensure that your lips will stay hydrated and won’t track due to the wind and salt. In addition, make sure the lip balm you chose to use also has a significant SPF factor, for additional protection.

Finally, hydration, hydration, hydration

This is not important just for your skin, but also for your entire body. Consuming sufficient amounts of water daily can help your skin stay soft and radiant. You will be sweating more, thus getting rid of toxins through the skin, but it will also put you in danger of dehydration. Two to three liters of water on a daily basis is an absolute must if you want to stay healthy and maintain your skin radiance. So the best option is to carry a bottle of water with you wherever you go, that way you can ensure an optimal fluid intake. And remember juices and sodas are not a replacement for water as they can do more damage than good due to their sugar content.

You are now ready to take on the summer heat. With the right skin care routine, you will be able to maintain a beautiful and healthy complexion while still enjoying the beauty benefits of an even summer tan. With a great glow and big smile enjoy every single day and fill it with fun and adventurous activities.

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