4 Fun Ideas for Family Bonding

Nothing strengthens family bonds better than doing things together. Whenever you’ve got some downtime from work and school, take the opportunity to spend quality time with the family and enjoy each other’s company. Time is precious and kids grow up really fast, so it would be great to have some precious moments together and take part in shared activities that would help bring the family closer to one another.

Here are some fun-tastic ideas for family bonding.

Make music together

You can hold a family concert even without standard musical instruments – get creative! You can make your own shakers, tambourines, and drums from stuff you find around the house. Sing your children’s favorite songs or introduce them to your own favorites, it’s up to you.

You can also learn to play using ‘real’ instruments too, of course. A small instrument like the ukulele is both fun and easy to play, and because beginner ukuleles are affordable, each member of the family can have their own. There are also a lot of ukulele lessons you can access online such as with courses providers like UkeLikeThePros, and they’re suitable for kids and adults alike.

Learn a new healthy recipe

Cooking a healthy meal with everyone chipping in – from preparing the ingredients to cleaning up – is not only a great way to bond as a family but also teach kids the basics of cooking. Spending time together in the kitchen may sound like a chaotic affair, but it’s also a fantastic opportunity to engage in easy conversation.

Preparing meals with your kids also helps them develop a love for cooking, which they may, in turn, pass on to their kids in the future. Plus, children are more likely to eat their greens when they’ve helped cook the food themselves!

Share family stories

There are stories that are unique to each family, and these are the ones that would be great for family bonding time. Family stories also serve as a bridge between generations and are the most likely to be passed along to younger generations and preserved in the years to come.

Tell a family story the way you would a bedtime story – rich with details about places, time, circumstances, even the weather. The stories can be about how grandparents met, where ancestors came from originally, what children did for fun during ‘the old days,’ and so on. If you still have old family photos and photo albums with you, you can use these to show the kids the ‘characters’ in your stories!

Start a new family tradition

Create something special and unique to your family that your kids can look forward to every year. A new family tradition can be as simple as planting a tree for every birthday or making a time capsule each New Year’s Eve, with the open date set to five (or more) years later. Keep those traditions alive by topping them up with a small celebration. Don’t forget the photos!

Those are just some of the many bonding activities you can do with your family. We’d love to hear what you think. What kinds of shared activities does your family enjoy?

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