4 Fun Swing Set Features You Should Consider

Swing sets come in all shapes and sizes. Manufacturers, including Swing Set Mall, work hard to include the best swing set features, so you can enjoy the very best, even if you don’t want to get a custom-made set. These features combine to create several swing set varieties that your children will love. Here are just some of the things you can look for when shopping for a new swing set.


Playing in a clubhouse is a great experience that can last for years. Rather than build a traditional treehouse, select the safer option that keeps kids closer to the ground: a quality clubhouse attached to their swing set. Larger clubhouses are a great investment because they can be used for several years and offer the child some privacy. Whether they need a space to hang out and color or they want to take a break from playing in the sun, a clubhouse is a versatile space they need.

Clubhouses come in all shapes and sizes. Get a few good ideas of what to look for and the options you have.

Climbing Wall

It’s no secret that rock climbing is amazing exercise and kids love it. While you can’t always find an indoor rock climbing experience, you create your own experience with your swing set. Small rock climbing walls leading to the top of the slide or into a clubhouse are a great way to encourage kids to build their strength. These fun walls also add a touch of personalization to your swing set.

If you are worried about the safety of a rock climbing wall, install shock-absorbing padding below the swing set. Should the child fall, they will have some extra cushioning to help prevent injuries. For small children, consider installing the components for the wall a little at a time. This will prevent them from climbing too high up.

Bench Swing

When people think of benches on swing sets, they usually picture a solitary bench for two. While this is an option, the truth is that there are many ways to incorporate a bench swing into a functional playset. The benefit of a bench isn’t just to give kids a bit of variety, it also helps keep a parent or guardian close by. Bench swings are often designed for adult use, giving the grown up a convenient resting place while their child plays.

Unusual Swing Shapes

Don’t feel limited to the traditional children’s swings. Many swing sets include tire swings or single-chain swings. This can make the set feel more unique and give the child more variety in their life. While traditional swings are fun, children encounter them every day at recess or the local playground. Replacing your classic backyard swing with a different style encourages the child to think of different ways to play.

Building the perfect swing set is easy when you work with the right manufacturer. A professional swing set building service can help you easily mix and match components, helping you create a design that perfectly suits your needs.

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