4 Home Decoration Ideas to Bring Freshness to Your Living Space

It’s the turn of the new decade. It’s the turn of a new season. We believe that if you’ve always thought of giving your home a fresh look and breathing some life into your living space then this is it. And if you have been searching for some ideas, then you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we are going to share with you home decoration ideas to bring freshness to your living space. The latest living room design trends of 2020. Excited? Then let’s get started.


You’re probably expecting a list of great home decor pieces that you can add to your home and we promise you that we’ll be sharing more of them in a while. However, before anything else, we want to talk about decluttering first.

We believe that this is the first thing that one should do if they want to bring freshness to their interiors. Get rid of all the clutter and as Marie Kondo says, surround yourself with only the things that bring you joy. But aside from that, as you’re letting go of the old and you’re welcoming in the new, you’re also clearing up the visual clutter surrounding you and freeing up space that will look, in the end, fresher.

Home Accessories

Anyway, once you’re done decluttering, you should end up with a clear space, an empty canvas that you can work with, and display home interior accessories on. So that’s what we are going to talk about next.


Of all the different home accessories, lighting has got to be one of our favorites. They’re functional and they serve as brilliant decorative elements in any room, in any aesthetic or style. If you want your lighting to be on point with this year’s latest trends, then you want to consider oversized pieces made of natural materials like rattan and wicker. We’re also seeing industrial pieces that show a more open and structural design becoming more and more popular.

Wall Art

According to Gianetti Home, tapestries are making a huge comeback, but we don’t mean those kitschy mandala-printed wall hangings. What they are referring to are antique tapestries that show idyllic landscapes in colors or muted vintage greens and browns and quality Fine Art Prints from Tasmanian landscape artists. The older, the classier.

Cushion Covers

If you are not yet brave enough to hand oversized antique tapestries, then you can still get the same results by translating the colors, patterns, and most of all, textures to your cushion covers. Granted, they might not be as grand as having a tapestry, nor as old, but they also won’t be as expensive, yet they will look and play the part well.


When it comes to freshening up your space, nothing does it better than plants. Bring the life of the outdoors into your home. We are always going to recommend indoor plants, but if you simply can’t take care of them, then you can achieve the same effect by displaying fresh flowers regularly. We don’t suggest getting faux plants, though.

They might look amazing while new, but as they grow older and more worn, well, they won’t look as appealing as they were anymore. They simply don’t have the character. And worse, they will most certainly look cheap after a while.

Prints and Patterns

Finally, here’s a more general tip. The plain and minimalist aesthetic of the previous decade has lost its charm, so don’t be afraid to introduce a splash of rich colors and patterns to your living space. You can even layer different rugs and carpets, and mix-and-match cushion covers. As long as their colors don’t clash (you can use a color palette as a guide), and these patterns evoke fun and enjoyment in you, then go for it!

However, we do understand why some people find this busy and visually cluttered look grating. So if you don’t want to go overboard, then we suggest experimenting with different textures instead. That, or balance your prints and patterns with a plain white background.


We can’t wait to see what you have come up with! We hope that you have enjoyed our article and you’ve found our ideas fun and helpful. If we can sum up our tips for 2020 in two words it would be: organic and colorful. Enjoy decorating!

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