4 Important Attributes of Double Hung Windows You Should Consider

4 Important Attributes of Double Hung Windows You Should Consider

Congratulations on deciding to invest in new residential windows. Now the focus is on decide what window design would be best. Taking the time to learn more about double hung windows is worth the effort. Here are four attributes that demonstrate why so many homeowners go with this option.


Works Well With Most Home Styles


Double hung windows Winnipeg are different from other designs because both sashes are movable. That’s different from single hung windows that come with one sash set in position and the other capable of moving up and down.


You’ll find that this quality makes double hung windows a great choice for many home designs. From the outside, they look just like the older single hung windows they are replacing. Inside, you have the ability to move both sashes to any position desired. That can come in handy if you want to use window treatments that cover the bottom half but would like to open the top sash and allow fresh air into the home.


You Can Use Window Screens


Not all window designs work well with outside screens. For example, awning windows would not allow this option. With the double hung windows, you can add screens that blend in nicely with the home interior. When the weather is nice, you can open your window sashes and let in air without also letting any type of flying pests into your home.


If screens sound like a good idea, your contractor can obtain pricing for them. When you ask for an estimate for the window replacement, the contractor can include the expense of purchasing and installing the screens right along with the new windows.


Installing and Removing a Window Air Conditioner is Easy


If your home does not have a central cooling unit, you probably use smaller window air conditioners in different rooms. While that’s fine during warm weather, the idea of leaving them in place for winter is not all that appealing. Fortunately, you can install and remove a basic unit from a double hung window with ease.


Installation for a small unit does not require much in the way of tools or hardware. Position the unit on the sill and lower the bottom sash until it holds the unit in place. Secure it to the sash with a couple of screws. The fans found on each side of the air conditioner will expand to fill the open space in the window frame. When cold weather returns, remove the screws, lift the sash, and remove the unit. Store it in the attic or other convenient place until warm weather returns.


Cleaning is Easier


Reaching both sides of double hung windows is not difficult. That allows you to remain inside as you clean the glass on both panes. Should you choose to go with double hung windows that tilt, the task will be even easier. You’ll especially enjoy that convenience when it’s time to clean windows on the second floor.


Talk with your contractor today and get estimate for Winnipeg windows that are double hung. You’ll find the price is reasonable and the quality will ensure the windows offer excellent service for many years.
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  1. Thank you for talking about how having double-hung windows can let you install several other things easier. This sounds like a great upgrade for my home so we can manage a much more efficient and easier-to-renovate place to live. Once I find a window replacement expert in the area, I’ll definitely ask for double-hung models from them.

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