4 Interesting and Valuable Skills to Acquire Before Having Kids

There are plenty of skills that can be of great benefit when the time comes for parenting. While this is something about which you definitely should think about before having kids, there is also one more angle when it comes to acquiring new skills in that period.

The thing is, many people tend to not be aware of what they can do until they realize that they don’t have all that much free time to do so and their priorities have shifted – and that does happen after you have a child.

All of that being said, in this article, we have listed 4 skills that you should consider acquiring before you decide to have kids.

1- Playing an Instrument

Music is something that truly has a unique effect on our emotions, it can make us happy or sad, and pretty much amplify any emotion that we are feeling. Not to mention that it’s such a cool skill to have, whether you are playing the piano at home or grabbing a guitar and playing something for your friends.

Even though some people may believe that playing an instrument is something that you either learn in your teens or never, this isn’t true.

Experts on this topic from the Atlanta Institute of Music and Media further explain that with proper guidance, good learning material, and commitment – you can learn how to play an instrument! And if you aren’t sure about why and how you should commit to learning this skill, just picture how cool would it be if you were to be able to pass that skill on to your kids once they are in your life.

2- Cooking

Now, if you haven’t learned how to cook more than eggs, ramen, and mac and cheese – it’s time for you to learn how to cook something more complicated before you opt for kids. Not only is cooking extremely fun but you’ll be surprised at what kind of diversity in your food choices have you missed out on in the years when you didn’t know how to cook.

The other important aspect of cooking that we need to point out is the fact that it has a great power to connect you with those you love the most. Remember the last time when someone cooked something special for you – you surely felt special as well. That being said, by learning how to cook better, you will be able to share that feeling with everyone around you to make them feel special and loved as well!

3- Photography

Learn Photography Before Having Kids

Sure, we all know how to take a selfie or take a cute picture of a pet, but we’re not talking about that, we are talking about some serious skills! Okay, not like, professional level, but there is a lot of theory behind taking photos.

Understanding how different aspects like light, angles, colors, and different perspectives all come into play and how utilizing these properties differently can affect the entire photo, even if you are taking a photo of the same thing.

So, not only is photography fun, but it will also allow you to capture some amazing moments with your future family in the best way possible, and we all know how significant and valuable pictures are when it comes to recollecting old memories.

4- Some Interesting Minor Skills

The thing is, you don’t need to go big and spend hours and hours learning something grand. Some minor skills are equally interesting, and definitely, something that you can pretty easily acquire.

Solving a Rubik’s cube

The real secret about solving a Rubik’s cube is the fact that it’s pretty simple, and yet if you solve one in public, it will turn some heads. With the most basic strategy, you can solve a cube by applying just a handful of algorithms that, over a few hours of practice, are going to slide into your muscle memory.


Why should you learn how to juggle? First of all – it’s ridiculously fun! Second of all, it’s a great trick that you can pull off pretty much anytime that will leave people amazed.

In the end, it’s entirely up to you how you are going to utilize your free time – but with so many amazing things that you can learn, why shouldn’t you start right now?

Making balloon animals

Balloon animals are, simply put, quite irresistible. So, if you want to be a hit at the next children’s birthday party you attend by impressing everyone with your balloon art, you can do so! It isn’t all that hard, even just a couple of online tutorials are enough to get you started. So, go and buy some balloons, and start twisting!

In the end, it’s entirely up to you how you are going to utilize your free time – but with so many amazing things that you can learn, why shouldn’t you start right now?

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