4 Must Have Small Business Tax Tips

While working on taxes is something that you may dread doing, you have to spend enough time on it to make sure you are submitting the right information. Taxes may seem like a drain on your finances, but there are ways to minimize the costs for your small business.

If you want to make your life easier when running your business, here are some small business tax tips for you.


  1. Find Out About Small Business Tax Credits

Business tax credits refer to an amount that small businesses can reduce from their taxes to the government. These credits are usually in place because the government wants to stimulate more business activity, such as by hiring workers who may otherwise have difficulty in landing a job, and more.

If your small business payroll tax comes out to $10,000 and you have a tax credit of $2,000, the difference this will make for you is quite significant.

  1. Save Your Receipts

One of the hardest things when doing a small business payroll or when counting your expenses is not having the receipts handy for you to note. This makes it all the more difficult for you to understand what you spent and will make it almost impossible for you to receive tax deductions on certain expenses.

When you create w2 form online for IRS submission, make sure you’ve done your expense tracking all throughout the year. This makes your job a lot easier and faster.

  1. Count Your Home-Office Deduction

Have you or your employees started working from home during the pandemic? If so, counting your home-office deductions is one of the most important small business tax tips that you can implement.

Since work expenses are considered tax-deductible, the expenses that are related to your home office can also be included in this category. It’s important to note, however, that your home office should function only as that: a home office. It shouldn’t be used for anything else, because at that point it won’t qualify as a home office expense.

  1. Donate Old Work Equipment

If you want to pay as little taxes as possible, donating your older work equipment is one surefire way of doing so. By doing so, the money you earn from this is an allowable deduction, which means you will pay fewer income taxes that way.

This includes donations of older office furniture as well.


Small Business Tax Tips for Tax Season

Overall, there are plenty of ways that you can reduce the amount of taxes you have to pay, and these small business tax tips will help you on your way to that. When you are going through your taxes and small business payroll, make sure to save all your receipts, count tax deductions, find new ways to receive tax deductions, and find out all you can about the small business tax credits that you can make use of.

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