4 Of the Best Poker Games You Need to Learn

In a way, the Internet can be compared to a living organism that is constantly developing, changing, and adapting to new standards. Since betting is prohibited in most countries until you reach the age of majority, there are online options that allow minors to bet as well.

Governments around the world are trying to ban and enable online poker playing in many ways, such as banning payments and blocking bank transfers, although they don’t succeed. 

Many professional players as well as owners of online gambling sites have decided to switch to the crypto poker variant. 

Thus making it impossible for the government to access or block any funds. We will briefly explain the difference between regular casinos and crypto casinos.

Difference between regular casinos and crypto casinos

There are some crucial differences between regular and online crypto casinos and we will explain to you what those differences are.

Regular casinos

While this is a bit new and odd to many due to the inability of your opponent to read your body language and face mimic and guess what cards you have? 

Physical casinos can also keep players away from the table who are doing well against the house, in some cases they won’t let you play. 

And of course, if card counting is your forte as a mathematician, if you are caught counting cards you will have to leave the casino immediately and may be banned from the same casino.

In regular casinos, sometimes you can’t sit down at the table you want because it is full, while in online and crypto poker it can never happen because there is a large selection of tables and rooms to play.

Crypto casinos

This type of casino is based on cryptocurrencies, the main advantage of which is that they are backed by blockchain technology – a decentralized system. 

The decentralization of the system enabled complete independence and the impossibility of influence by any banks, states, tax administrations, corporations, bodies, or private individuals. 

Players can use cryptocurrencies to deposit and withdraw. What attracts many players to crypto poker games is that their privacy is guaranteed, and the time limit for payouts and payments is faster. 

When the player finishes the game, their funds are automatically transferred to their crypto wallet and they can immediately start withdrawing funds to their crypto wallets.

4 Best poker games you need to learn how to play

We will single out some of the best poker games on the market that you should learn.

Omaha Hold’Em Poker

A less lengthy version of Omaha is one type that includes community cards, and there is a similarity in the way of playing to Texas Holdem. 

The game is played in such a way that each participant in the game receives a hand of four cards with a certain number of big blinds. The player who plays the best hand with the cards he has dealt and three to five community cards on the table for a winning combination.

Thanks to Coinpoker’s unique RNG, you can monitor card shuffling to see how much your shuffling affects the outcome.

Texas HoldEm Poker

Possibly the most well known version. Everyone gets two cards to face down, with five face up community cards in the middle. 

Depending on who gets a stronger hand the winner is decided. Almost everyone has heard of this variant and most people have tried it at least once which makes it unsurprising that it’s so popular to play in most places, be it online or in person.

Short Deck Poker / Six-plus hold’em

Another common version, this time using a shorter deck. While it may not be as popular as the previous one it’s still worth learning as more and more people are enjoying it. 

You’ll need to get the largest hand possible by mixing three community cards or with a pocket pair of deuces. If you find people who are willing to try this variant out then you’re guaranteed to have a blast as the games can get pretty hectic and exciting very quickly.

Three card poker

It slightly differs when compared to standard poker as it’s played against the dealer, ante wagers are placed (which are actually forced bets) and both the dealer and players get three cards. Folding can be done at any time or continue with ante wagers equal to theirs.

Their popularity is growing exponentially and we expect to see them continue this trend.

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