4 Places to Buy Case IH Picker Replacement Parts Online

When you need replacement parts for your cotton-picking machinery, you’ll want to be sure that you purchase high-quality parts that won’t fail during your harvesting operation, and you’ll want to be sure that you can have them delivered quickly. Excessive time spent waiting for a delivery of parts means that your equipment is not in the fields, and not doing any harvesting. So it’s important that you can rely on both the quality of the parts and on having them promptly sent to you, so you don’t lose valuable time when the cotton is ripe for picking.

The parts providers listed below have demonstrated over the years that they are reliable in both these areas and that you can count on them for whatever replacement parts you might need. You may already have done some business with one or more of these vendors yourself, or you will probably at least have heard of them. All of these businesses have an online presence, so you can quickly place an order and have it shipped to you.

While there are certainly other vendors who can provide you with quality parts and decent prices on the aftermarket for replacement parts, those businesses listed below have all been around a while, and have proven themselves in terms of value provided to customers, and in reliability when parts are needed quickly. There aren’t really any wrong choices when it comes to picking one or another of these vendors, so if one of them doesn’t really fit your needs exactly, you’ll probably find that working with a different vendor gives you what you need.


Case IH

When you visit this website, you’ll find a video which helps you locate any part you might need, so you won’t waste time trying to pore through lots of product pages that might overwhelm you. Since Case/IH is a major manufacturer of cotton harvesting equipment, it makes sense that they would provide some of the highest quality parts as replacements, when needed. Case/IH personnel are of course, well-versed in the entire catalog of parts they make, and they also have some of the most sophisticated diagnostic equipment available, if a site visit is necessary to diagnose problems. If you’re fortunate enough to have a dealer near your location, they also provide great service and even some training on the best use of their cotton harvesting equipment.


Certi-Pik, USA

Known for the quality of its replacement products and for its highly competitive prices, Certi-Pik, USA has been a major force in the cotton picker equipment industry since 1988 and has become the go-to vendor for a great number of harvesting professionals all around the globe. In addition to having a huge catalog of replacement parts, Certi-Pik also sells sheet metal parts and a number of specialty items for those harvesters who are doing their own rebuilds of major assemblies for their machines. Their online store is easily searchable, with parts being broken down into categories, so you can quickly zero in on what you need, and place an order. While they specialize in John Deere and Case/IH replacement parts, they also stock inventory for many other major manufacturers in the industry.


Worthington Ag Parts

Worthington is another of the companies which have been in business for quite a while, in this case for more than 50 years now. During that time, they have been providing reliable, high-quality parts for a number of different agricultural needs, in addition to cotton-harvesting equipment. Your online search for parts on their site is made easy by the fact that you can begin with the make and model of your machine, and proceed to more detailed levels of categories. Worthington has a policy where if they don’t have a particular item in stock which you need, that they will work with you to locate the part, even if it comes from a competitor. That should tell you how committed their customer service staff really is, and that’s one reason why they’re a good choice as your parts provider. The company stocks parts for most of the major manufacturers of farm equipment, as well as those who are specific to the cotton harvesting industry.


Abilene Machine

Abilene Machine offers Farmtuff Ag replacement parts for any of your cotton harvesting machines, and these have been demonstrated to be reliable and affordable parts, suitable for any machinery you might have on hand. When you visit the online store, you can narrow down your search for parts very quickly by choosing the manufacturer of your equipment, then selecting ‘cotton harvesting equipment, and from there you can select the model of your harvester and the specific categories of parts. One interesting aspect of their online store is the download center which they make available for customers. At this download center, you’ll be able to locate the catalog of parts for any cotton harvesting machinery you own and locate the specific replacement parts you might need. This will then expedite the ordering process when you get around to placing your online order, or when talking with one of their sales representatives.


Purchase the Parts You Need

Regardless of which of these excellent vendors you choose to do business with, you probably can’t go wrong, since all have great track records in the industry. It may be a matter of simply working with the provider which is geographically closest to you so that you can expect the fastest delivery time, or you may prefer one over another because you find their online store easier to navigate or more informative. Whatever your reason for working with one or another of these providers, you’ll still probably receive excellent service as well as high-quality, affordable replacement parts. Contact any one of them by navigating to their website, and if an in-person phone call is necessary, you’ll find that kind of contact information right on the site.

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