4 Problems Entrepreneurs Face When Marketing To Other Countries

Marketing is a very important part of a business, and there are a lot of companies that go through lengths just to market their products. This is especially true for growing businesses that need to establish their company in another place that offers promising potential. And though it is an essential part, it is not without its challenges and difficulty. This is especially true when you want to market to another country. Entrepreneurs spend a lot to resolve the different problems they encounter to make the launch of their product successful and advantageous. There are four problems that entrepreneurs often experience when they market in another country.


International Policies 

Dealing with international policies is a tedious process for any entrepreneur. There is a lot of paperwork involved, starting from the country where the headquarters is to the target country where the company wants to market. The process is also long since you have to jump from one office to the next, preparing documents that need to be approved and signed by authorities. For this part, an entrepreneur would need to partner with lawyers who are knowledgeable of international laws on marketing to make it a smoother process. Aside from that, they also need to establish a research team that will look for the documents, formalities, and other processes they need to prepare so you can be one step ahead. 

Before you can proceed with any move, the project should be greenlighted by the host country to make sure you will not encounter issues and legal problems. This is the reason why it takes months, even years, for a new product to enter the market in a different country because of all the compliance requirements and policies you need to complete.


Establishing a Marketing Team

Marketing to another country puts your company on a whole different level. It means that you can already expand your operations and increase the likelihood of sales by engaging in a new place. Most firms that are successful in their home country have established their name through the hard work of their marketing and production team. Although they are already valuable in the field and the company, they would need a lot of help if you are looking into establishing your brand in another country. One important process is to establish a team with the inclusion of local members who are experts in the host country where you are planning to head next. 

Hiring representatives will give your company more insight and advantageous input, although it is difficult to find the perfect candidate, especially if you do not know anyone from there. For assistance, a company can resolve to seek the help of local recruitment firms or ask for a referral from other partners.

Establishing a Marketing Team


Language and Cultural Barriers

One of the most difficult obstacles that entrepreneurs face when marketing in a different country is the cultural and language barriers. A lot of the good messages and intentions are lost in translation and are often the cause of miscommunications and failure to thrive in the new market. What works in the origin country may not work in the host country since words do not have the same impact even though it is the exact translation. Part of the project management should include a strategy on how to confront this conflict. An effective way now is to hire translators as recommended by Architekst, a Dutch-based translation agency. This is a practical solution, especially if the host country has a different language as their main mode of communication. 

They are not going to help find the right words but also in building the right website that can be translated to as many languages as you want. Aside from translators, you should also look for experts in terms of culture and society, so you become aware of the current social climate and adjust accordingly.


Tariff Barriers

Tariff barriers are one of the reasons why a lot of companies hesitate to enter a new market in another country. These can demand costly and expensive demands in forms of tax and duties for imported products. The cost is different from one country to another. This is going to be tough, especially in the first few months, as the company is still struggling to sell and stay afloat. In some countries, there are also restrictions on how many imported goods are allowed to enter their country. 

There is also instability in the exchange and tariff rates, which make entrepreneurs anxious and uncertain about the move. Before trying to enter the international scene, an entrepreneur needs thorough preparation in international marketing to be able to make it a successful venture.

As an entrepreneur, it is important to make sure that you know these common problems to make sure that you are well-prepared. You will have more time to prepare all the requirements you need to submit and also look for the right people who will work with you. Once all of these are over, you can already proceed in marketing your products and increasing your overall sales and production.

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