4 Reasons To Add An RV Trip to Your Travel Bucket List

While the Coronavirus has made traveling seem like a distant possibility, many of us are eager to plan our next big getaway to the great outdoors.

When it comes down to it, planning a vacation is not an easy task. With the cost of travel soaring high and the need for social distancing looming over our heads, the thought seems stressful and exhausting. But what better way to avoid the hassle while staying close to nature than going on an RV road trip?!

RV trips are the best way to travel if you want to explore in comfort. RVs are now more popular than ever, with the RV industry contributing over $114 billion to the US economy.

If you are curious to learn more about why RV trips are the best way to travel, this article is just for you.  

Preparing Your RV for a Road Trip

Before we get down to talking about the joys of RV traveling, let us first talk about how easily you can prepare your RV for a fun and safe road trip adventure.

Before setting off, make sure to take your RV for a maintenance checkup. Because they are not put to regular use, RVs run the risk of getting rusty and being in desperate need of repair. A thorough checkup will help get it ready to hit the road.

Make sure that you have a continuous supply of clean drinking water. Water is an essential part of any trip to remain hydrated throughout. What is excellent about RVs is that they already have a built-in mechanism to access water. 

However, it would be best if you made sure that the supply coming in is free of contaminants because, during your travel, you are often unsure of the water source. Before heading out, install an RV water filter to eliminate the risk of consuming dirty water and falling ill during your vacation.

Next, you should be sure to pack all the essential items that you will need. From licenses, registration documents to COVID essentials like gloves, sanitizers, and disinfectants, and an emergency medical kit. All such things should be properly packed and stored in an accessible location.

Now that you know how to get your RV ready, here are the top 4 reasons why an RV trip should be next on your travel bucket list.

It is Budget-Friendly

While the cost of fuel may be high when it comes to RVs, the overall expenditure is much less as compared to other means of traveling, making RV trips affordable for everybody.

Many times we pay large amounts of money to use a hotel room to sleep. When it comes to traveling in an RV, the fee for campgrounds is much cheaper. There are also some campsites where you can park for free.

Having a built-in kitchen space to keep essential supplies means that you can cook your food and save money on meals as well.

You also do not need to worry about the cost of renting equipment for activities because you can bring your own.

You Enjoy the Journey

Traditional ways of traveling can sometimes turn into hopping from one destination to the next, and in that frenzy, you lose sight of why you set out on your journey in the first place, to unplug and relax.

RVs offer a rich experience where it is more about the journey and not just the destination. You have the luxury to remain fully immersed in your surroundings and as close to nature as possible, a feature many of us crave in the current situation.

Instead of being shut in the cabin of a plane or train, you can enjoy the winding roads and scenery, surrounded by your friends and family for some memorable quality time.

A Flexible Itinerary

RV Flexible Itinerary

Planning a journey is also the fun part, but sometimes overplanning can kill the joy of a classic road trip. An RV trip brings with it an element of spontaneity, which adds to the thrill of the adventure.

Since you are traveling with your hotel, you can create a comfortable schedule that suits your needs. With the freedom to do whatever you want, the options are limitless. You can drive anywhere you want and make stops wherever you please. If you discover a rustic town, stop and enjoy a lovely meal. Like the view? Set up camp and have the perfect stargazing session.

You can also station your RV at a base camp and explore the nearby localities by making day trips. This is a great way to explore as much as possible during your vacation.

You Form Meaningful Connections

Whether you are traveling with your friends or family, RV trips are a great way to bond. Being on the road, disconnected from the everyday world, gives you a great chance to strike up meaningful conversations and learn about one another.

It is also a great way to meet new people, especially fellow RV travelers you meet along the way. Setting up your station at a campsite will also allow you to meet other campers. Engaging in conversations and getting to learn more about their traveling experiences can lead to life-long friendships.

By design, RVs offer privacy and freedom at the same time. They can be a great way to travel and meet people while maintaining social distancing during these unprecedented times.

Parting Thoughts

Traveling in an RV is all about life on the open road, where you will experience several moments of discovery—both about the world around you and also about yourself. If you are ready for the best adventure of your life, which is convenient and budget-friendly, you need to get your vehicle ready and go on an RV trip for your next vacation and read our RV guides.

Have you ever taken an RV trip before? What has been your best memory, and what are your favorite tips and tricks for the road? We would love to hear from you in the comment section below.


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