4 Reasons to Skip the Hotel and Stay in a Hostel

Most people opt to stay in hotels for their accommodation when travelling abroad. They have alluring facilities and attractive interiors but often comes with a hefty price. But, most people don’t like the idea of paying a lot for a place they would mostly just sleep. Most people are out and about when travelling most of the time so a hostel is a smart move. Many travellers have found that staying in a hostel is actually really homey and comfy, which is nice when travelling.

4 Reasons to Skip the Hotel and Stay in a Hostel

Many people think the only option is an expensive hotel, which is far from true. Many travellers on stay at hostels after their first stay.


Hostels are a cheap alternative for accommodation, complete with sociable space. There are many types of hostels from youth-oriented, family-friendly, party-focused and chillax atmosphere. Whether you’re a couple, solo or a family travelling a hostel will fit your needs and wants.


If you have not tried one, here are a couple of reason why you need to experience staying in a hostel.



Staying in a hostel is relatively cheap compared to staying in a hostel. A hostel in some inexpensive regions of the world like Southeast Asia, Central America, and Eastern Europe will only cost you around $5 for a dormitory stay or $15 for a private room.


For places like Australia, Western Europe, and North America, the cost of living or travelling skyrocketed. An average hotel stay can cost you around $100 up to $200 in this part of the world. With a hostel though, it’s a different story. A dorm room will only cost you around  $20 per night while a high-end private room will cost around $100.


There are a number of websites that can help you find the best hostel based on value, ratings, and amenities they have like:

  • com
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Social Space

Staying in a hostel will undoubtedly help you make friends or at least a chance to meet other people. Almost every space in a hostel is a social area or open to the public. A majority of rooms are dormitories with bunk beds. The shower area and dining areas are also shared.

If you are a solo traveller, staying in a hostel is your best chance to meet a travel buddy or a new friend. People that are adventurous to stay in a hostel are typically not very shy.


Local Vibes

Just like hotels, hostels can set you up with some travel activities available at your destination, but much better. Hostels have a local feel and they know the best spots.


Unlike with other hotels wherein they would hire a third-party to accommodate your activities and request. Hostels staff will most likely be the one to host or lead your journey.  So whether you like to go on the best fishing spot, snorkel the wonder of the sea, or swim in the pristine water, hostel staff got you covered. They are eager to give you the best local experience you can have and will push you to mingle with your peers. Many hostels even have met and greets.


Safety First

Just because they are cheap does not mean they are unsafe. The owner and size are what help this. First, the owner is usually someone who lives in or nearby. This may be their only way of income so keeping it safe and a good experience is their top priority.


Most hostels are smaller so the staff knows who should and shouldn’t be there. Many times the people who check you in are either the owner or family of the owner.


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