4 Reasons Why Social Media Marketing is Important to your Business

The impact of social networks on your business is immense. They represent a fast, inexpensive, and natural way to connect with your audiences. Social media channels boost your reach, inspire purchases, and drive customer loyalty.

Here is why you should invest in social media marketing.

1- Boosting SEO Rankings

While social networks are not a direct SEO ranking signal, they have an immense impact on your organic rankings

For starters, having social media accounts helps you increase search engine visibility since they rank on Google. 

With social media marketing, you also have a greater chance to gain quality backlinks. These channels increase the exposure of your posts. People will start sharing them, making them visible to industry influencers. If they read your posts and consider them valuable enough, they will share them with their audiences and link back to them from their websites.

2- Increasing Customer Satisfaction

Social networks are highly interactive. They allow you to communicate with your audiences more naturally and casually. As such, they can improve the effectiveness of your customer service in multiple ways. Here are some of them:

– Find and Monitor Relevant Conversations on Social

That is where social media monitoring tools help. They let you monitor relevant keywords, such as your brand name or hashtags. Once someone uses them, you get a real-time notification and can respond to a user in real-time.

– Be More Proactive

If customers keep asking the same questions, that means that there is something about your products they do not understand. You need to provide them with extra information. 

Your social networks are a great place to share informative content. For example, if users are not sure how your product works, you can create a how-to video. Pinned posts and Instagram story highlights are also a great place to post educational content and deliver self-service.

– Use a Chatbot to Automate Customer Service

We all know that live chat improves customer service. It makes conversations more interactive, human, and natural. However, what happens when your customer service reps are offline? That is where chatbots can help. Bots are available to customers 24/7. They give customers the information they want immediately. They can answer repetitive questions, recommend products, and even let customers finalize purchases.

3- Enhancing your Brand Image

Social networks help you build a consistent and recognizable brand image across various channels. Their benefits for your branding strategy are multiple:

– Enhancing Brand Image

According to research studies, 83% of Instagram customers say they use Instagram to discover new products.

Social networks increase your reach and maximize your brand recall. That is why you need to use them strategically. Create a brand style guide that will dictate the use of your logos, tone of voice, colors, messaging, typography, etc. Once you establish a consistent brand image across all social networks, people will remember you.

– Humanizing your Brand

Social networks let you create meaningful human connections. 

You can do that in multiple ways. For example, introduce your customers to the people who make up your company.

Show behind-the-scenes photos and videos of your company. Use ephemeral content to provide a peek into your offices or events to engage users and build stronger relationships with them.

One such example is the use of social media in sports. Many teams use this opportunity to build stronger relationships with their fans and humanize their presence. For example, the most engaging types of sports content on social networks are short match clips, pre-match footage, training ground footage, interviews with players.

4- Attracting Relevant Audiences

Paid social media provide you with multiple customization options

For example, Instagram Ads and Facebook Ads use targeting features, such as customers’ geolocation, income, content preferences, or age, to personalize ads. That is how you create highly targeted ads and ensure they reach the right audience groups. That increases your campaign ROI and reduces the number of irrelevant clicks.

Retargeting ads also play an immense role for brands wanting to inspire customers to make repeat purchases. That way, you reach out to the customers that already visited your website, viewed products, or abandoned their shopping carts. They will start seeing highly targeted ads that remind them to come back and finalize the purchase.

Over to You

Social media is not optional for businesses anymore. It is necessary for any company aiming to stay competitive, drive sales, and inspire customer loyalty.

How do you use social networks to boost your business? We are listening!

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