4 Red Flags of a Scam Essay Writing Service

Do you want to write an essay on marketing, travel or health? Are you running short of time? Well, in that case, the best approach is to hire a professional essay writing service. However, you should ensure the fact that you do not end up hiring a scam service.

We will list down some clues here so that it becomes easy for you to identify a scam essay writing service.


Key Traits of a Scam Essay Writing Service

Asks for Credit Card Information

What you need to keep in mind is that a professional essay writing service will never ask for payment before work submission. If the service asks for personal or credit card information, then this means that you are in for trouble and there is a probability that you might not receive the work after payment.


Does Not Meet the Atek Principle

It is vital that the essay writing service should follow the ATEK principle. Well, ATEK stands for affordable, and T stands for trustworthiness. E and K stand for experienced and knowledgeable. If the essay writing service that you are about to choose lacks any of these traits, then this means that you are walking in the wrong direction.


Submits Plagiarized Work

Copying content is more of a sin in the essay writing world. If you hire a service where the writers copy content from the web, then it is a major red flag alert that proves the fact that you made a wrong selection.

There are times when fake essay writing services set up multiple websites with different website addresses. However, when the student uploads the order request, he realizes the fact that the request ends up in the same place and the task gets assigned to the same set of writers. If you realize that you ended contacting the same essay writing service again with a different site address, then make sure that you do not place your essay order.

If you do, then you will invite trouble your way.


The Email Address Is Not Correct

It is also vital that the essay writing service should give correct contact information on the site. There are times when the services post an incorrect email address. If this is the case, then this means that the essay writing company is not trustworthy. The reason a scam service will give out an incorrect email address is that they do not want to establish a trustworthy point of contact.

The significant aspect is that you should read the reviews of the essay writing company before the hire. The smart approach is that you should shortlist some of the best essay writing services before making your pick.


If you want to get the best essay written, then make sure that you give clear requirements to the company so that they can fulfill your requirements in the best possible way. Always play safe and go for a ā€œpay for essayā€ essay writing company so that you do not have any regrets at the end of the day.

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