4 Signs You Could Use a New Pair of Winter Boots

Winter is on the way and now is the time to take a good look at your wardrobe. That includes the condition of your winter boots. Will they make it one more year or is now the time to replace them? Consider these four signs carefully and what you find will provide the answer.

How Do They Fit?

In years past, the fit was perfect. You could wear the boots all day if necessary and your feet and legs never got tired. Last winter, the fit did not seem to be quite as good. There were times when you couldn’t wait to get home and soak your feet.

The problem isn’t with your feet. It’s the fact that the older boots are wearing out and no longer provide the comfortable fit of yesteryear. You can rest assured that what began last year will only be worse this coming winter. Now is the time to invest in a new pair that will provide the comfort you deserve.

Will They Keep Your Feet Warm and Dry?

Making your way through the ice and snow is difficult enough, but attempting to run for the bus when your feet feel a little clammy and moist is worse. When your boots were new, the lining kept your feet warm and dry in all sorts of winter weather. You can enjoy that feeling again if you decide to invest in a pair of Sorel boots. Keep in mind the liners in several designs can be removed for cleaning.  Buy a spare set and keep them ready to insert while the others are being cleaned.

Do They Still Provide Support?

Support for your feet is another area of concern. If your feet ache, your ankles hurt, and your lower legs have shooting pains by the end of the day, those current winter boots are long longer providing the support you need. The only thing you can do is get rid of them and buy a new pair.

Just as comfort is important, you want to make sure the boots provide the arch support needed to keep your feet in a natural position. This is especially important if you will be spending much of the day walking across hard surfaces. The right support will prevent foot fatigue and also minimize the chances of leg cramps.

Are You Tired of the Style?

Perhaps your old boots still provide a reasonable amount of comfort, protection, and support. The real issue is that you are tired of the style. What looked wonderful three years ago now seems to be a little dated. In fact, you dread wearing them because of how you feel about the style.

That’s reason enough to invest in a new pair of Sorel shoes from Walking on a cloud today. Buy a pair that you can wear all winter long to places like the office, shopping, or when you are out on the town. Save the old pair for your morning walks or weekend trips to the lake cabin.

Don’t wait until winter is here to make a decision. Take a good look at your old winter boots today, then get online and start shopping. Once they arrive and you try them on, there will be no doubt about the wisdom of your decision.

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