4 Simple Steps on How to Replace the Watch Battery

Modern watches are well sealed to make them water-proof. The back casing is made of steel and when closed, pressed to ensure they’re tight.

The watches have four types of casings that need to be opened to access the inner side.  They can be classified as

  • The screwed. This watch has been closed by the screws through the lid.
  • The swatches. This is a gasket that is closed lid with space where the casing seems to fit into the watch. After closing a watch, the casing has a small extension any thin coin can fit
  • The snapped. The snap-off watch contains a casing that can be turned to open.
  • The twisted casing. This is a small gasket of the closing lid that can be opened. Not the entire closing lid comes out.


To replace your watch battery, you can use the following simple steps:

  1. Use the Right Tool.

Whichever type of watch you have; you can easily open its casing. Some watches have the strap passing through the back of the casing. Remove the straps first.

If it is a screwed watch use the screwdriver. It should have a flat-head and small enough for the small screws.

For the swatches use the sharp sliding tool. It has the indentation slots which the sharp tool can slide into. The sliding will open the casing.

For a twisted casing, you can use a screwdriver or sharp-pointed object. After it fits into the slot twist it to open.

For the snap-offs, they are easy as you can even use a thin coin. Or any other thin objects, when it holds snap it. The casing opens easily.


  1. Remove the Battery

After the lid is freely open, remove it slowly. You can use your hand and put the back lid aside.

Depending on the slot of the battery, remove it by unclipping or snapping. The battery slot sometimes requires a sharp object to snap it out of its resting place.


  1. Replace the Battery

Well, it may seem obvious but some batteries don’t just fit. Look into the slot of the battery, if it shows the positive sign, then insert your battery from the positive end.

Most watches you don’t have to know the positive or negative side, they just slide in.

Next thing, turn over your watch to see if your battery is working; if it works move to the next step. If not try again to fit the battery well.


  1. Close the Watch

After confirming that your watch is working, close the lid.

Screw the screws well to ensure its water-proof. Slide and twist your lid back to the fitting position.

For snap-offs press it back till it fits, apply the right force.

Let your watch be re-attached to the first position it was.


You Don’t Need an Expert

The steps above are simple and can be done without using any special tool. Strap your watch back and start enjoying it.

Be careful enough not to damage your watch. You can wear gloves where appropriate.

When the watch is ready, tune it to the correct time where possible.

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