4 Situations Where You Need to Hire a Construction Lawyer

Construction projects can be a significant investment and have a lot of moving parts. Disputes often arise during these complex projects that can lead to litigation and the need to partner with an experienced construction lawyer. The right construction lawyer can help you protect your sizable investment and your interests in the event of a disagreement. They can also help you take the proper steps to mitigate risk for your business.

Before construction even begins, the right attorney can help you structure things in a way that helps you avoid costly litigation to begin with. Whether structuring contracts, establishing an order of precedence clauses, or addressing design inconsistencies, working with a skilled construction lawyer can help protect your business interests and your cash flow.

While there are many various situations that may require the expert skill set of a specialized attorney, here are 4 specific situations where you may need to hire a construction lawyer.

1. Consistent Construction Delays

One of the most common reasons for disputes that lead to litigation in the construction industry is consistent delays. Multiple circumstances can create construction delays including labor shortages, inclement weather, and other unforeseen circumstances. Unfortunately, unavoidable circumstances aren’t the only reason for the consistent delays of an ongoing construction project. Some delays can be caused by outright negligence on the contractor’s part.

A contractor’s consistent failure to complete work and meet deadlines can be a major red flag. It creates a significant negative impact on your project timeline and budget. It can also do significant irreparable damage to your company’s reputation in the industry. Requesting the specialized services of an experienced construction lawyer can help properly rectify the situation and hold the contractor accountable. It is sometimes the only foreseeable way to salvage a project that is already behind. 

2. Defective Workmanship or Building Code Violations

Building codes are designed to ensure the safety of construction outcomes for the people who will frequent the building. It’s important that each building produced is safe and structurally sound. Adhering to current building codes is not only the best way to accomplish this but it is also the law. Building code violations can be costly in multiple ways. They can lead to delays, and fines, and sometimes cause the building to be condemned.

Furthermore, it’s important to guarantee the quality of workmanship on each job site. Defective workmanship can be caused by using substandard materials, unqualified help, or just plain negligence. It is unsafe, uncouth, and can be downright dangerous. A construction litigation lawyer can present you with your legal options and help you determine your best course of action in both instances. You can often salvage the project and still have a good outcome by getting the right attorney involved early enough in the process.

3. Contractor or Subcontractor Disputes

There can be multiple reasons for disputes with contractors or subcontractors. Disagreements may arise over the perceived scope of work, the quality of materials used, or even who is responsible for providing certain materials to complete a job. Any number of misunderstandings can lead to strife and contempt on the jobsite.

One of the most common reasons for contractor or subcontractor disputes is disagreements over payment. Workers may dispute the amount of money due or when they should be paid, among other things. When this happens, the right construction attorney can help you navigate the legal system and protect your business interests as they help you resolve the situation.

4. Breach of Contract Issues

A construction project is typically governed by a legally binding contract between an owner and a contractor. Each contractual term should be clearly and concisely outlined in the agreement and any subsequent changes must be added through clauses or addendums. This helps ensure the responsibilities of each party to the contract is clearly defined.

If either party fails to meet their contractual obligations at any time before the conclusion of the project, they may be guilty of breach of contract. Failing to meet contract terms is often a correctable offense if it occurs by accident or by unavoidable circumstances. However, complete disregard for contractual responsibilities is grounds for a breach of contract suit. An experienced construction attorney can help you navigate this legal issue and present you with your best options.

Partner with a Great Construction Lawyer Today

If you operate a business in the construction industry, you should partner with an experienced construction attorney today. Many times, they can help you take preemptive action to mitigate risk before it arises. Other times, they can help you resolve conflict while protecting the interests of your jobsite and your company.

A great construction attorney can help you resolve consistent construction delays, poor craftsmanship issues, building code violations, and even breach of contract issues. They can even help you resolve conflicts or disputes with contractors and subcontractors. Partner with a great construction lawyer today.

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