4 Smart Tips for Successfully Growing Marijuana Indoors

If you are thinking of growing your own marijuana, then you shouldn’t hesitate about it. The process is not only rewarding, but it is quite fun as well. However, if you are going to grow it on your own, there are some things that you must learn before starting the process.

You must do thorough research and keep the hurdles in your mind that you could face in this venture. The internet is a humongous place, and you can end up finding an overwhelming amount of information as well.

So to make things simple for you below, I have mentioned a few tips that will help you grow marijuana successfully indoors.

Pick the Right Genetic Material

Growing a good crop of marijuana is not just about providing the right amount of light and water, but it is also about choosing the right seed or strain. If the plant you are growing has good genes, then nothing will stop it from growing healthy.

So it is essential that you do your research and find the right kind of seed for your plant. You can also check northern lights autoflower seeds if you haven’t made up your mind yet. Keep in mind that it is always better to start with a seed instead of a clone when you are a beginner.

Prepare the Growing Space

If you want to grow your cannabis the right way, then you will need to plan well for it. If you are trying to produce too many crops in a small area, then you will end up with a crop that isn’t fully grown.

You must take an estimate of how much product you want to grow and how much space you will need for it. Also, set up proper lighting and exhaust systems so your plants will get the right amount of light and air and get damaged.

Indoor Vs. Outdoor

When you are growing marijuana outdoors in your house garden, then you don’t have to worry much about the lighting and air. All you have to do is put it in a spot where it will be exposed to sunlight for a reasonable amount of time. With the indoor setup, you will have to invest in good quality lights and fans that will provide the light and air artificially to the plant.

You should invest in LEDs that can run for 10-12 hours without heating up too much and exhaust fans with high power. You will also have to water your crop carefully for better growth.

The Four P’s of Cannabis

If you want to grow your plants to the max with thicker buds, then you will have to follow the four Ps of cannabis. These rules state that you should pinch, pluck, and be patient.

Begin with pinching the middle growing part of the cannabis a couple of weeks before budding and plucking away leaves that are stopping the sunlight from reaching the inside of the plant.

After that, prune the plant as it will create good stress on it. And in the end, make sure to be patient with the entire process and not rush it.

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