4 Tested And Proven Tips To Make Your Blog More Popular

There are millions of blogs just like yours on the Internet. Many never see the light of day, but some attract millions of readers. The difference between the latter and the former is a good strategy. Popular blogs not only pick positions that stand out but also utilize all resources at their disposal to get to the top.

So, what sets a blog apart from the competition? Here are four tested and proven tips from top bloggers at Thesis Helpers.

1. Come Up With Fresh Content

Everyone visits the Internet in search of answers. There are millions of people who are interested in what your blog has to say. There are also millions of blogs just like yours all looking for readers. Your blogs basically talk about the same thing, only in different words. So, how do you stand out?

The most outstanding blogs on the Internet are those that lead the new. You need fresh content that other bloggers are yet to get their hands on. Your readers should have something new and informative to look forward to every time. And, in addition to being fresh, your blog’s content should also be informative; don’t give your readers a reason to go looking for more answers elsewhere.

2. Spruce Up Your Content

Just how vibrant is your blog? What is the first thing that readers see when they visit your blog? If it is nothing but plain text, you shouldn’t be surprised that no one wants to stay long.

Marketers always say that “content is king.” For a long time, this was taken to mean that your blog’s articles should meet the visitors’ needs. In this case, your blog posts should be informative and engaging. However, content comes in varying types, and Internet users are ditching the written word for videos and images.

People prefer watching short videos compared to reading long articles; just like people prefer watching movies compared to reading novels. Images also help to catch visitors’ attention, and they can relay just as much information as articles and videos. Therefore, you will need to make your blog more vibrant and utilize more content.

3. Engage More With Readers

Blogs are not like websites. Blogs are designed to bring people with similar interests together. Every good blog post should have a long thread of comments and discussions.

As the blog’s founder, you are the leader of your blog community. Your readers look up to you for answers and guidance. As such, you will need to get in on all discussions to nurture honest and close relationships with your readers. You should also consider setting up social media accounts for your blog; this way, your readers can connect and interact more easily.

4. Adhere To SEO Guidelines

Google and all other search engines consider certain factors when ranking blogs. These factors include such aspects as web design, nature, type of content, links, organization, and much more. Google has a guideline on how to excel in these factors: Search Engine Optimization.

Websites featured at the top of search engine results are those that make the best use of SEO guidelines. Many bloggers have a good idea of SEO guidelines and are capable of implementing them.

If, however, you are looking to shoot up the rankings, you should consider hiring a professional SEO company. This way, all aspects of your blog will be optimized, and Google will take note. Your blog will rank higher and become visible to more internet users who may click on your link.

There are millions of people interested in what your blog has to say. However, they will not take notice if you don’t make your blog exceptional. These tips will help get your blog off the ground and to the top of search engine results.

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