4 Things You Can Do To Find Employment With a Disability

Many people suffer from some form of disability in Australia and it can make it tough for these people to find and hold down a regular job.

Many people suffer from some form of disability in Australia and it can make it tough for these people to find and hold down a regular job. However, securing gainful employment is far from impossible. It’s often a matter of knowing what assistance is available and what options are open to people with disabilities.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of those options, ideas, and assistance programs, so if you suffer from a disability, you’ll still be able to find work if you want to.

1- Are There Relevant Social Or Support Groups In Your Area?

While social and support groups might not be a direct path to employment, it’s always positive to mix and mingle with other people in a similar situation as yourself. No one wants to feel like they have to go it alone. A solo journey can often feel overwhelming.

Do a search online for relevant support groups or social groups in your area, or even ask your social media contacts. If you can mix with some like-minded people and brainstorm, you just might be able to come up with some employment options or discover where you can get support to find a job.

2- Possible Job Opportunities For Disabled People

Another key thing to consider is the possible jobs you are capable of doing, whether you’re qualified for them yet or not. You can always undergo training to get the qualifications you need. Even if your disability is a physical one, there will still be many tasks you can perform as well as the next person.

These days many people are working in an office environment at home. With the Covid pandemic, so many employees are now working remotely. If you could secure some form of office job where you can work from home, you bypass the need to even have to travel to your workplace.

This means it can be easier to both find a job and keep a job these days when you have a disability.

A really good industry to get into, one that can be quite lucrative, is accounting or financial planning. Most businesses and many individuals need to book time with people in these fields. You could even start your own home-based business.

IT support and software development is another potentially lucrative area where people with disabilities can have a rewarding career. Right now, the world is more dependent on IT and the internet than ever before.

Another option worth considering is some form of freelancing. If you have a talent for writing, graphic design, computer programming, video production, and so on, you can earn money online by offering these services. Once again, you can do it all from home.

These are just a few ideas. If you do some research you’ll likely come up with dozens of options to look into.

3- DES Employment Services

DES represents Disability Employment Services. These are government assistance programs that are generally accessed through a Jobactive provider or other for-profit and non-profit organizations.

The idea of the scheme is to help people with disabilities receive support and assistance in finding employment. This includes skills training as well as help finding an actual job.

Disability employment support empowers individuals and also helps boost the confidence of those with disabilities. It’s all designed to get people ready to enter the workforce and be able to keep a job once they do get one.

Government wage subsidies are also something you may be eligible to access, offering incentives for employers to hire you and give you a go.

4- NDIS Employment Services

NDIS Employment Services is also something that the Australian Government offers people with disabilities. It’s a scheme that encompasses other family members and carers as well.

People with significant or permanent disabilities can access the support that NDIS provides. With the help of the scheme and specialist support coordination, you’ll be better equipped to achieve your employment goals. It’s an ongoing assistance program that not only prepares you for employment but also helps you get a job and keep that job.

The Wrap

If you suffer from a disability, don’t assume there’s no hope of getting a job. There is help available and many opportunities for disabled people to find work. Contact a Jobactive provider or access Australian Government websites for more information on assistance programs.

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