4 Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Bike

Everyone has different preferences and perspectives when it comes to bicycles. You have numerous factors to consider to be sure that your bike is suitable for you.

Even though the price can be a contributing factor, you should understand more about the design, material, spare parts, features, and accessories too.

If you’re thinking about getting a new bike soon, then read on to learn more about our 4 important things that can help you choose the right bike for your needs.

1- The Purpose

You must know the purpose of buying a bicycle before you go shopping for one. You need to realize that every bike model is different and each one has specific limitations, features, and requirements.

You should ask yourself why you need the bike and what you will use it for. Is it going to be for commuting purposes and work? Will you start riding your bike in the mountains? Are you interested in road racing professionally? Or are you just buying one for fun as a hobby?

Once you figure out the answer, you will know your needs and be prepared to get the specific model that fits your purpose. This will save you a lot of money and time because you have the right model that would be convenient for your needs.

2- Riding Skill and Bike Type

Everyone has a different riding skill and you need to find out which one is yours. The type of bicycle matters when it comes to your skill. You need to research and ask around about the different types of bikes available to you.

Advice from this helpful guide suggests that you go for hybrid bikes because they can suit the skills of someone who’s just riding for fun on the weekends or even a beginner. You don’t have to worry if you’re just learning because hybrid bicycles are easy to learn with.

If you’re a professional and you’ve been cycling for years, then we’d recommend mountain or road bikes because your skills would be best suited to do some extreme cycling.

Most bike shops allow you to test multiple bicycles out to see if the model matches your skills. You should talk to the customer reps there about your bike history; they can help you pick out multiple ones to use for a test run. This is a great idea because you don’t want to spend money on a bicycle that is difficult to maneuver or use on the road. You need to be sure that you’re spending money on the right type of bike.

Bike Riding Skills

3- Features and Accessories

You need to think about the features that come with your bicycle. It would help if you had a model that comes with great padding on the seat for comfort and it needs to be the correct size for your body. Don’t forget about speed and durability, because you need a model that can withstand riding for many years without getting damaged or worn down. Another great feature can be the suspension fork to help with bumpy surfaces. This keeps you safely on the bike and comfortable too.

Depending on where you’re riding every day, you might run into mud or water along the way. This means that you need some bike fenders and mud flaps because they can keep your bike and yourself clean if you run into some puddles.

Also, you might consider getting a bike rack for your bag. This is great for people who have their gear with them or if they use their bikes to go to work. The bike rack is safe and it can keep bags securely fastened as you ride.

4- Spare Parts and Customization

You should ask about the bicycle’s spare parts and customization options. You never know what could happen over the years and you can’t expect your bike to function properly forever.

Also, you might accidentally fall and your bicycle could get damaged from the drop. You need to be sure that the specific model you bought has spare parts that can be easily purchased if the bicycle is beyond repair after the fall.

Think about the customization options that you might add to your bike. It could be a special frame design, special seats with a logo, vinyl decals, colored components, special stickers, customized stem caps, or even multi-colored spokes. Let your imagination run wild with customizing your bike, but just remember that it could be a little expensive.

Cycling can be so much fun and it’s one of the best pastimes that a lot of people enjoy. You have numerous bikes to choose from.

Whether it’s a commute, mountain, folding, or cyclo-cross bike, you are bound to find the right one that would be comfortable and convenient for what you need to use it for. It wouldn’t hurt to do a little research or shop around until you find the specific model that can be worth the price. 

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