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4 Tips and Tricks to Pay for an Essay Cheap

Students everywhere want to get good grades, but they don’t always have the time to do every assignment. That’s why students often turn to online writing services where they can hire an experienced writer. However, not all students can afford to use expensive online writing services. Luckily, this article is full of tips and tricks to pay for an essay cheap, without having to settle for a poor-quality paper.

4 Tips and Tricks to Pay for an Essay Cheap


4 Ways to Pay for an Essay Cheap

The list below contains tips and tricks to paying for an essay cheap and avoiding bad quality essays. This way, students can be confident when looking for a custom essay service that is perfect for them.


1.   Don’t Download Free Essays

Trying to pay for a cheap essay is a totally realistic goal, even though it is tricky. However, students should avoid downloading free essays at all costs. This is because free essays are often of the worst quality. Students should ask themselves, “Do I know someone who would write a paper for free?” The answer is probably no.

Free essays online are often riddled with grammar and spelling errors, are generally poorly written, and are often plagiarized. If a student gets caught with plagiarizing, they will likely fail their assignment.


2.   Essay Samples

While it’s best that students avoid downloading free essays, looking into cheap essay samples for your papers isn’t a terrible idea. While looking at samples won’t magically create a completed essay for a student, it can help students to think of ideas for their own paper.

Sometimes, sample essays will even have references students can use in their own papers. Of course, students need to make sure that essay samples are reliable if they are to use sources. One way to test the validity of sources is to see if they are peer-reviewed or not.


3.   Pick Your Price

One way to guarantee that students will pay for an essay cheap is to find a website that will let them pick the price they are willing to pay for an assignment. Several custom writing websites use bidding systems. On these websites, students place an assignment type online and writers bid on it. The student can then pick the lowest bid to get the cheapest paper possible.


4.   Order Essays Ahead of Time

Many custom essay writing websites price their essays based on paper length, subject, and due date. While students don’t have much say in the length or topic of their paper, they usually know the due date of the paper ahead of time.

One example of a website that varies its prices based in part by the due date is This website allows students to put in due dates ranging from two weeks to only four hours. Papers due in three hours cost $31/page while a paper due in two weeks only costs $11/page.


Plagiarism Disclaimer

Students should keep in mind that turning in someone else’s work and claiming it as their own does count as plagiarism. When students pay for an essay online, it’s best that they only use it for a reference, an example, or a place to get sources from. Using the essay for anything other than that could get a student in trouble for plagiarism.


Hopefully, the four tips and tricks in this article can help students pay for an essay cheap instead. College is expensive enough. Paying high prices for essays isn’t another expense college student should have to take on.


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