4 Tips for a Mindful Exercise Routine

Establishing an exercise routine that works is often stressful for many. Aside from being physically demanding, it can also make us feel insecure and exhausted before we even manage to make any meaningful steps.

The best way to avoid that is to introduce mindfulness to your exercise routine.

Here are some suggestions on how to make your time working out more peaceful and productive:

Be practical with your goals

Starting exercise can leave people feeling super motivated at first. The key is to stay motivated until you reach your desired goal and even after that. But until you reach that, you need to be patient and persistent.

You won’t get your perfect body in two weeks, but the fact that you’re working for it and seeing the change unfold over time is a reward in itself. Don’t be too self-critical, and most importantly, never compare yourself to other people who exercise with you, especially those who are more experienced.

Setting certain goals is definitely something you should do if you haven’t been working out before. But be careful not to overdo yourself.

Your goals should be realistic and well suited to your body type, experience, and strength. Exercising too much can lead to fatigue and sore muscles, so start light and then, as you get better, increase the workload.

Eat a proper diet

Working out and eating the right food go hand in hand. Still, many people continue to eat junk food and sugary snacks while working out and keep wondering why their results aren’t as expected.

Introduce a healthy breakfast into your morning routine. Drink enough liquids, but try cutting out unhealthy sodas and alcohol.

Instead, drink herbal teas and smoothies. If you can’t curb your sweet tooth, try replacing chocolate and candies with healthy nuts, dried fruits, fruit yogurt, honey, and dark chocolate.

Working out and eating the right food go hand in hand. Still, many people continue to eat junk food and sugary snacks while working out and keep wondering why their results aren’t as expected

You’re still allowed to treat yourself but do it occasionally, especially if you’re overweight. Combining the right foods with physical activity is a sure way to get the body you’ve always wanted to have and feel good about yourself.

Another thing you should learn is how to exercise self-control. That way, you can treat yourself without feeling guilty, and also, you’ll know when to stop.

Be focused and calm

Gyms tend to be filled with a lot of people who are determined and sometimes a little aggressive about their motivation.

If you find that too much, nobody blames you. It’s important to stay clear-headed when you work out because that’s how you can keep track of your achievements and stay focused on your goals.

Be focused and calm

Meditation is always a great option if you have issues with keeping calm, and yoga is excellent for stretching and fixing posture. In case you can’t work out with other people around you, you can always stay at home and find some exercises online.

There is a lot of equipment you can use at home, too. If you’re a fan of cycling but also live in a crowded urban area, home exercise bikes are a great choice. The same goes for treadmills and other tools like stability balls.

Learn from others

We’re constantly bombarded by super handsome people whether they’re Instagram celebrities, regular celebrities, or just our good-looking friends who are posting pictures of themselves.

That can make you feel unworthy, but the truth is that you don’t need to see them as a threat. That friend who’s eating healthy for mindfulness and working out? Ask them for some tips and stick to them. Don’t be shy to ask others for help.

Learn from others

When it comes to famous people, instead of feeling sorry for yourself, remember that they are surrounded by assistants whose sole job is to make them look good. When your looks are your way of earning money, you need to make sure you’re at your best 24/7.

Luckily for us ordinary folks, we have the luxury to look bad sometimes, so instead of obsessing over some minor imperfections, be grateful for what you have and find inspiration in those who seem to have it better than you.

Treat others as inspiration, rather than competition and you’ll feel better soon.

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