4 Tips for Apartment Living with Pets

Apartment living can be fun and exciting when you’re living together with a friend, family member, or significant other. That said, things do get a bit more complex once you add your furry, four-legged companion to the mix.

The thing is, our animal friends come with their list of needs that need to be fulfilled, and small-space living can be a big transition for both the owner and the pet. While this can seem challenging at times, there is a way to make the process go smoother.

Below, are four tips dog and cat parents can use to make the most of the apartment living with pets.

Decorate your apartment with caution

First things first, a big part of being a pet parent is knowing how to keep your home looking stylish while also keeping it practical. To achieve that, you must decorate your apartment with caution.

Sometimes, this will mean saying no to expensive luxury items and instead opting for cheaper, easier-to-replace ones. Other times, it’ll mean finding creative ways to keep your clothes, equipment, and decor off-limits to your pets.

This will include storing your valuables on shelves, locking them in a closet, or moving them to another room. No one likes dealing with damaged goods, so make sure to pet-proof your apartment as soon as you move in.

Establish rules about the furniture from the get-go

Whether you’re a pet owner who loves the idea of their pet sleeping beside them or can’t stand having a pet climb up on their couch or bed, you must pick a side early on and stick with it.

Will your pet be allowed on the bed or the couch? If so, is there a possibility of them damaging the furniture?

Some breeds are more likely to shed and others can rip or tear the furniture due to their weight or long nails. One way to address this issue effectively is to look for pet grooming salons in your area.

Trimming your pet’s nails will help minimize the risk of them damaging the furniture. Similarly, cutting their hair will remove dead hair and skin and prevent them from shedding all over the apartment.

Establish rules about the furniture from the get go

Rely on gadgets and tools to make living with pets easier

Apartment living with pets will also call for effective gadgets, tools, and add-ons that will make a pet owner’s life easier. Nowadays, there are numerous tools and equipment that you can easily find at your local pet store or order online.

Have trouble keeping your furniture clean? Get washable couch covers. Does your apartment get cluttered up easily with all the pet toys and treats lying around? Use boxes and bins to keep your pet’s items organized. Tired of dealing with litter box odor? Order a self-cleaning litter box – problem solved!

Keep your pets physically and mentally active to ward off boredom

Most of the time, destructive pet behavior occurs as a result of boredom. Pets, just like ourselves, need to be stimulated mentally and physically to be happy and healthy. To achieve this, make sure that your pets get enough exercise, and do your best to keep them entertained.

Give your pets an excuse to walk around the apartment by placing their toys in all the different places. Make sure to get toys that are safe for your pet, and switch them up every once in a while.

Chewy bones and puzzle balls are great for keeping your dog from chewing on your favorite shoes. Similarly, scratch posts and cat trees will prevent your cat from trying to climb your curtains or damaging your furniture during those nighttime zoomies.

Wrapping up

Owning a pet while living in an apartment can be lots of fun, but it also comes with its responsibilities. While it can seem challenging at times, it’s certainly doable. Stick with the tips above to make the most of small-space living with a pet and ensure that you, your landlord, and your four-legged friend are happy.

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  1. I really liked the part of your article that talked about the different gadgets you can use to make living with pets easier. I love my adorable pet dog so much and I want to make sure he’s just as comfortable as I am when I find a living space for the two of us, so these gadgets and tools could really help with that. If I can find a furnished apartment in the area that suits my tastes, I’ll make sure to incorporate these suggestions of yours when we move in.

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