4 Tips for Expert Cross Merchandising In Grocery And Convenience Stores

Selling food products is like an art form as a grocery or convenience store owner when you bring cross merchandising into the mix. So many foods go together to create tasty dishes. Hence, there are many opportunities for cross merchandising to sell food items and achieve higher sales in return for such strategic product placement.

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1. Cross Merchandise New Products

When a new product enters the store, it’s best to get it cross merchandised with a relevant item so that it can start gaining quick attention for picking up faster sales. Say that a new protein bar just came into the store. Merchandise it on a display with bottles of water and creatine power to encourage weekend warriors who like working out and bulking up to buy those products.

2. Hand Out Samples

At the sight of the cross merchandised products or where the food item is prepared, set up a sample table. This is a great way to promote new food products that not as many people know about yet. Have one of the store employees manage the table to prepare and hand out samples of the promotional product.

For example, when Wawa gets a new smoothie flavor, someone may prepare small cups of it to bring around to customers as they shop. I had the privilege recently to sample a new pink pineapple smoothie, which also tasted like it had a touch of watermelon in it, too.

3. Have More In Stock Of What Customers Need To Enhance Loyalty

For each item that can cross merchandised with another, always think of what the customers want and need. If you have all the products your customers need, you will be more likely to retain their loyalty.

Have a small display of peanut butter and jelly strategically placed near the bread section. Set up a display of sandwich condiments like sweet peppers, mustard, and relish near the deli counter so customers don’t forget their sandwich toppings.

4. Think Like the Customer

Walk around your store. Start thinking of which items pair with others as you pass by them. You will start thinking like the customer and find other inspiration for cross merchandising opportunities. Cookies go great with milk, so maybe you can do a display of your best-selling cookies in the milk aisle as one way to increase sales.

If it’s a big holiday like Easter or Christmas, people are going to want cooking and plating solutions that reduce how many dishes they have to do after making such a big meal. Hence, merchandise foil pans and paper plates near the main course for that holiday such as turkey or ham.

What You Can Cross Merchandise In A Food Business

There are many things that you can cross merchandise in a food business besides peanut butter with jelly and bread. You can also try:

  • A small tea display next to where the granulated sugar is kept in the store.
  • Coffee filters and non-dairy coffee creamer are on display next to the location of coffee in the store.
  • Pasta sauce next to spaghetti and other pasta products.
  • Sandwich bags in the bread aisle for packing lunches.
  • A display of hamburgers or hot dog buns where the hamburgers and hotdogs are in the store.
  • A cream cheese display near strawberries to encourage pairing them with a healthy fruit dip.
  • A chip display near the deli counter so that bags of chips go with prepared sandwiches or subs.
  • Jarred salsa with tortilla chips
  • Taco kits and/or taco seasoning next to a cooler that holds ground beef.

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