4 Tips From A Professional Divorce Attorney That Spouses Should Know

What should partners know about the divorce process?

While every couple dreams of a “happily ever after,” things don’t always work out as expected. Marriage is a roller coaster ride. Some couples make it to the end, while for others, it may end sooner or later.

The decision to file a divorce can not only be emotionally draining but also complicated when it comes to navigating through the legal process.

If you have finally decided to file a divorce, consider reading these four tips from expert divorce lawyers.

1) The Right Time To File A Divorce

Don’t spend too much time beating on a wall, hoping it will transform into a door – Dr. Laura Schlessinger. That’s true for relationships as well. Once you have hit the worst, where no amends are possible, and all that’s prevalent is toxicity, it’s time to let go. But what’s the right time to do so?

You’d be surprised to know that most lawyers see an increase in divorce filing cases in the month of January. In fact, January is now being recognized as “Divorce Month” in the law fraternity. However, many critical factors must be considered before filing for a divorce.

  1. How strong is your parenting together?
  2. Your family’s holiday time.
  3. Is it a joint decision?
  4. Is your divorce lawyer available during the holiday season?
  5. Have you already discussed major issues such as child custody, moving into a new home, and so on?

2) It’s Advised Not To Proceed Without A Divorce Lawyer

Don’t wait too long to speak with a divorce attorney. As soon as you are seriously considering a divorce, you should consult with an experienced attorney. They will assist you in moving forward with a rational and logical approach and give you a clear understanding of the laws – your losses and gains.

You may have many questions, such as what your post-divorce life will look like, how the laws will apply to your situation, and how your finances will be impacted. While it’s understandable to experience this fear, you shouldn’t let it hold you back from talking to a divorce lawyer. They can help ease your worries and provide guidance on what to expect.

3) Divorce Is A Costly Affair

One, you are already dealing with the stress of a divorce. On top of that, be prepared for some financial stress too. Many couples who plan to file a divorce are clueless about the significant dent that a divorce process can put in their pockets. While every divorce is different, the monetary costs involved can be huge, depending on various factors, such as-

  • Level of cooperation between the spouses.
  • Conflicts
  • Mutual decision
  • Parenting Conflict
  • Emotional instability
  • Child’s Custody

All these factors will decide the time a couple takes to complete the divorce process. The longer the process, the higher the litigation costs. Be prepared to pay for the following:

  • Divorce Attorneys (Worth the price, as they will help you navigate the legal divorce process smoothly and ensure a timely mediation or settlement).
  • Therapists
  • Divorce Coaches
  • Private Mediators

4) Couples Can Have A Middle Ground – Collaborative Practice

Spouses can reach a settlement through a collaborative process that involves a meeting between the partners and their lawyers on several occasions – this is an amicable way to end the marriage.

If both parties are willing to cooperate, it can be the best way to proceed. If required, mediators can sometimes be involved in between for flexible communication.

Final Words

Remember that divorce is a long-term process and requires patience and mutual cooperation between the partners. Having a divorce lawyer by your side can make the transition smooth and help you reach agreements outside court.

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