4 Tips to Prepare for a Bodybuilding Competition

If you’ve entered a bodybuilding competition, you’re probably loading up on protein and hitting the gym every day. As the competition date comes closer, your stress level might rise even if you’re confident about your body.

As you prepare for the audience to witness the result of your hard work, there might be a few things that slip your mind. Whether it’s your first or seventh competition, it’s always best to stay prepared and leave no stones unturned. Here are some tips to keep in mind while bulking up for the big day.

1. Body Hair Removal Will Accentuate Your Muscles 

If you have a lot of hair, it might get in the way of your body’s appearance. Getting a few full body laser hair removal treatments will allow you to be hair-free for the competition and flaunt your muscles. 

Most bodybuilders shave their bodies before a competition. However, when you’re a professional bodybuilder, spending hours shaving your body can be a waste of valuable time. Starting your laser hair removal treatment a few months before a big competition will enable you to be hair and stress-free for years to come.

2. A Spray Tan Requires Some Preparation

When bodybuilders are on stage, showing off their sculpted bodies, their skin seems to be a beautiful color that glows under the light. Spray tans are an essential component of a bodybuilding competition. But, preparing for a spray tan isn’t as easy as heading to the salon and sitting in the room.

A spray tan works best on a hairless body, where laser hair removal comes in handy. Ensuring your body is hair-free ahead of time gives your skin time to heal from the treatment and prepare for a spray tan. You also have to make sure your body is free from any products that cause the tan to discolor, such as lotions and deodorant.

3. A Professional Coach Can Guide You 

Even if you’ve been bodybuilding for a long time and you feel prepared, a professional coach or personal trainer can add value to your competition. A good coach will prepare you for the competition and try to ensure that you’re ready to take home the award. 

You may need to do some research and ask around for advice before finalizing on the right coach. Ask around at your gym, take a few days to get to know the coach, and take your time to see if you can work with them.

4. Practising Poses Early Can be Helpful

Participating in a bodybuilding competition can be an exciting yet nerve-wracking experience. Since posing is a vital component of a bodybuilding show, the more time you take to prepare, the better your confidence. 

Start practicing your poses a few weeks ahead of the big day. Go in front of a mirror and take your time figuring out what works and whether or not you’re flexing your muscles properly. You might need some guidance and professional help to finalize the poses if this is your first competition.

Preparing for a bodybuilding competition can be stressful but also rewarding. Kickstart your preparation with the tips above.

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