4 Top Design Tips for an Architect’s Office

We’re all familiar with the idea that your physical workspace can impact your productivity – tidy desk, tidy mind – you know the sort of thing. One of the professions where this mindset really comes into play is the architect. For them, the workspace is so much more than a computer. Their office needs to be treated like a canvas: a clear space where they can work on their designs and perfect their ideas. What are some useful design tips an architect can use in their work environment?

4 Top Design Tips for an Architect’s Office


Architect Desk

This one may seem fairly obvious, but an architect will need an appropriate desk to work from. Within the architect community, there is much discussion about drawing between hand and the computer, with most agreeing the two work together well. So there is still the need to have a desk which allows them to draw. Even if it’s just rough sketches to help them begin their thought process. An architect should have a desk which gives them plenty of space to work, and there a number of styles from which they could pick.


Chalkboard Walls

Moving on from the desk, why not allow even more room in the office for drawing and experimenting? A great idea for an architect’s office is to have one wall coated in chalkboard paint. This allows them space where they can draw new ideas, or work out the finer details for building plans. It gives them the freedom to work without the fear of making mistakes as they can easily wipe away the chalk and start again. Not to mention that a chalkboard wall has a distinctive look, and will give the office space that extra aesthetically pleasing edge to it.


Bright Lights

In an ideal world, an architect’s office would be naturally lit with wide windows and a look out across a beautiful city skyline. However, the chances are this won’t be the case. An architect can make their space work for them. They can make sure their office has adequate lighting. Also to ensure wires from various lamps and computers don’t impact workspace too much,  RS Components have a great range of floor boxes, which are used to store away wires and keep an office looking neat.


Mixture of Materials

According to the Architect’s Diary, an architect’s own office is supposed to reflect their design philosophy and style. So something too important to remember for an architect’s office is that it has to suit the person working in it. There is no right or wrong way of doing it. They shouldn’t be afraid to work with different materials, experiment with lighting and color – see what makes them feel the most inspired in order to design beautiful places for other people.

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