4 Ways to Boost your Email Marketing Efforts with Instagram

In 2022, email marketing has the power to skyrocket your growth and drive more revenue to your business. If increasing sales is your primary goal, you must build a solid relationship with your audience. 

Email marketing combined with Instagram can elevate your marketing efforts even more and get you ahead of the competition. This blog post will explore how to develop your email marketing with Instagram.

Why is email marketing essential in 2022?

First, let’s look at why you’d use email marketing in the first place. Email marketing generates a 44-dollar return on investment for every $1 spent on average. As a result, brands can use it as a very cost-effective marketing technique.

But how does email marketing work?

When you make an online purchase, you need to submit your email address most of the time. Or maybe, when you create a new account on any website or platform, you must input your email address. 

Having such valuable information as email addresses as a marketer is a significant asset for the success of your campaigns. 

When you have a user’s email address, you know they’ve taken action on your website. Because they already know you, you can start sending them emails to take the next step in your marketing funnel.

Remember that email is the most extensively used communication tool and a professional way of creating relationships with leads. As a result, using email marketing can only benefit your brand.

Why Use Instagram to Upgrade Your Email Marketing?

With over 1 billion monthly active users, we can reasonably assume that many people worldwide use Instagram regularly. Instagram is frequently utilized during coffee breaks, after work, and right before bedtime. Many people buy anything they need from brands they’ve discovered on Instagram thus many trends arise every day.

Instagram marketing isn’t just about growing your Instagram following, improving your eCommerce sales, or increasing the traffic to your website. It can also help you elevate your email marketing and brand awareness.

When it comes to establishing a marketing strategy, email and Instagram can operate in tandem to maximize their distinct benefits.

4 Ways to Use Instagram to Improve Your Email Marketing Efforts

Knowing the value of email and Instagram marketing, we can now discover how to use Instagram to expand your email marketing efforts. 

1. Convert Instagram followers to email subscribers

An excellent way to leverage Instagram for your email marketing is to encourage your followers to sign up for your emails by highlighting the benefits they will receive. 

Great content, exclusive offers, and discounts can be some of the incentives you can use to encourage your followers to take action. Moosend offers a guide with an email newsletter sign-up form tips on how to increase subscription rates and create a massive email list.

One method to achieve this is to guide them through a specific URL to your email newsletter sign-up form in your Instagram bio and convey what they will receive from you.

An excellent example is this Instagram bio from Noah Kagan:

Convert Instagram followers to email subscribers

Another excellent method to promote your email sign-up forms is through Instagram stories. With over 500 million users checking Instagram stories every day, promoting sign-ups with a fun educational video is a smart strategy. 

Use the Instagram stories swipe-up feature to send viewers to an optimized landing page with a lead capture form. The trick here is to keep the same elements throughout this transition from stories to the landing page.

Having the same tone of voice, visuals, and fonts can create a seamless experience to convert your Instagram following to email subscribers.

Instagram stories swipe up feature to lead capture form

2. Implement your Instagram profile in your Emails

In most cases, brands use visuals for their emails which are an excellent way to portray the character and the culture of a brand. Incorporating your brand’s active social community in your emails can help both channels grow and increase engagement.

Adding social media icons to your email is a simple technique. According to one study, emails with social network icons have a clickthrough rate of more than 150% greater than those without them.

Implement your Instagram profile in your Emails

To take it to the next level, add your live Instagram feed to your email content for a unique and interactive email campaign. You can include an Instagram RSS feed in your email template to do this efficiently. 

This not only keeps your subscribers up to date on what’s going on with your company, but it also allows them to see a different, more relaxed aspect of it, which could lead to a follow. In both scenarios, that’s a victory for you and your growth.

3. Share User-generated Content from your Followers in your Emails

Most people want to feel part of a community; thus, 83 percent of buyers say they seek social proof to help them decide whether or not to buy a product or service. 

When consumers don’t have the opportunity to interact with your product in person, social proof such as user testimonials and reviews improve their confidence and develop trust in your product online.

Share User generated Content from your Followers in your Emails scaled

Run a contest or offer awards to encourage users to share user-generated material (or UGC) on Instagram. To attract more participants, keep the mechanics as simple as feasible.

Make sure to include user-generated content in your emails to make your content more exciting and memorable. Customers will see UGC, and there are high chances to take action.

4. Encourage Social Sharing to Build an Engaged Audience

Is there anything more thrilling than discovering that a piece of content you produced has become a viral hit? 

You reach thousands of people, and there’s a strong probability that as a result, your website traffic will increase, and you will get new subscribers.

However, not every piece of content goes viral. Unless you directly request it, people may not know they should share your content. 

Sharing on social media is beneficial because it raises your brand’s visibility. You can receive a lot of new clients or leads if your fans share your content with their peers. 

If you leverage this strategy and encourage social sharing, you can generate more leads and, of course, more email addresses for your email marketing list.

You may encourage social sharing in two ways:

Offer Discount Codes

Because 58.8% of users follow brands on social media to obtain deals and discounts, discount codes are a simple way to boost sales and collect email addresses. 

Discount campaigns are complex for most organizations to implement. After all, discounts reduce your profits to some extent. 

But if you are willing to set aside some of the profit and encourage people to share a post that gives a discount to action takers who sign up for your email list, you can create some long-term success.

Run Giveaways or Contests

Getting leads for your business can take a long time and effort if you’re just getting started. Organizing contests is an excellent marketing approach for both large and small organizations. 

Contests can also help your email marketing. By choosing what participation rules your audience follows to enter the contest, you can grow your email list fast by enticing them to give their email address for a chance to win.

You can then use an Instagram giveaway picker and share the winner through an email. Crafting an email that combines the winner of the giveaway and some popular posts is ideal for creating the next step for your subscribers and showcasing your value as a brand.

The Takeaway

Email marketing has the power to level up your organization and increase revenue. To make this strategy even more rewarding, you can leverage your social media channels and especially use these Instagram tricks to convert followers into subscribers.

Apart from that, you have the power to encourage social sharing to create virality and also share user-generated content in your emails to create a sense of community around your brand.

Following these tips above and ensuring that you track the results can help you upgrade your marketing plan and create some long-term success.

Until the next one, keep smashing the hybrid email and Instagram model.

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