4 Ways To Make Parks More Entertaining

When was the last time you went to a park? What used to be a common socializing spot for the entire neighborhood now remains empty most of the time. Major blame can be put onto the current pandemic, Covid-19. However, even when things are progressing towards normalcy, people refuse to go to parks. 

Parks were a place where moms planned out weekend gatherings and children made new friends. Parks allowed people that well-deserved peace of mind after a long week of work. It used to be a space of solace and calmness. Unfortunately, that is no longer the case.

Park Maintenance 

Ever since COVID-19 stopped people from going to parks, workers who would usually maintain these spaces have stopped putting in optimal effort as well. This leads to uncontrolled and disproportionate growth of greenery. The grass is not kept in check, which results in a very untidy look for the park. The overgrown trees and their branches look uninviting. Furthermore, months of ignorance have caused the various fountains and faucets to develop leaks. Lastly, a lot of rubbish and fallen leaves might have been collected over the last year. 

To start this maintenance process, we need to find diligent gardeners as well as cleaners. The grass should be trimmed properly and excess branches cut off. The rubbish should be collected carefully and thoroughly and thrown in the trash cans. Fallen leaves should be collected in neat piles so that they can all be gathered at specific spots rather than being littered all over the park.

However, fixing the leaks and faucets requires a bit of work. We need to hire plumbers who are well-versed in what equipment to use for what problem. It would be best to use industrial ball valves for the pipelines and replace the old rusty faucets and taps with the new ones. We need to be careful that we are using sturdy, reliable, and built-to-last industrial ball valves to be cost-effective as well as fix our issues. 

Following these steps would provide our parks with a greener, fresher look that would play a part in inviting the locals to the rejuvenated parks.

Add Vibrance 

 Now that we have fixed the things that already exist in the park, our next step should be adding more stuff that can attract the locals. No one wants a dull, monotone park. Therefore, we must add color and vibrance to the park. 

Firstly, we should install new swing sets, see-saws, and slides. Make sure that these a safe and children-friendly as we do not want anyone to get hurt. Secondly, the color of these new park rides is just as important. Make sure that they are not only silver, black, or red. Try to explore newer, more exciting color combinations like red, green, and blue or yellow, green, and red. These new additions are bound to attract children back to the parks. 

For the general ambiance and overall color of the entire park, we can plant more varieties of flowers. Nothing beats the atmosphere created by the natural beauty of flowers. This will not only add color to the park but also give it a nice, refreshing fragrance.

Improve Walking Paths

Morning walks were a major reason why many people visited parks. To ensure that people feel more inclined to come for morning walks, we should do our best to improve the walking paths and create as many incentives for people as well possible. 

The best way to achieve this would be to make sure the walking paths are smooth to walk on. Carefully make sure that the entire walking path has no rough edges or patches that might hurt the walkers’ feet.  

Additionally, water fountains can be added at intervals so that joggers and walkers alike can refill their water bottles. Benches should be placed as well so that people can relax and take a break when they need to.


Lastly, we want the locals to feel safe whenever they are in the park. Criminals tend to commit theft and such crimes as most people are in a relaxed state when they come to parks. To counter this, we would want a strict security check throughout the park. Security officials should be hired. They should stay vigilant and continuously patrol the park, in search of suspicious activity. 

Light poles should be installed as they provide good vision even during the times of sunset and night. Since most people leave the park at night, suspicious characters might gather there. This may discourage people from coming to the parks, therefore, the security must take ample measures to make sure this situation is avoided.


Parks are a necessary gathering spot for locals of all ages (including pets!). Nowadays, the tradition of morning walks and weekly neighborhood meetings has all but ended since parks are maintained properly. We must reignite the importance of this place by providing it with ample improvements, which may come in the form of security, proper plant maintenance, and improving the overall condition of the parks.

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