5 Advantages of Vape Juice

There are many studies and research which have confirmed that vaping is much safer than smoking and that switching to vaping has helped many people reduce health risks associated with traditional smoking.

Furthermore, the list of benefits doesn’t end there. This text lists the five most important advantages of vape juice that have made many people choose this option over smoking.

While we can’t claim that vaping is great for your health, we can rightfully say that it’s much less damaging.

Choice of flavors

We are now accustomed to having a wide range of products to choose from, regardless of what the product is. Just think about how many different types of bottled water your nearest supermarket offers and you’ll understand what we’re talking about.

The same goes for e-liquids. They come in several flavors, which makes it easy for people to experiment and find their favorite.

Particularly popular are fruity and sweet flavors and combinations that you could never find in regular cigarettes.

No discolored fingers

You can easily recognize a smoker by looking at their fingers, which have yellow-brown stains caused by nicotine. They are one of the most disgusting products that accompany smoking tobacco and you don’t want your fingers to be dirty, yellow, and stained.

Logically, the more people smoke, the worse their fingers look. What’s more, such stains are not only present on fingers.

They can appear on the nose, mouth, and teeth, as well. On the contrary, none of these is an issue when vaping.

No horrible smell

People can easily detect the odor of tobacco and it’s never nice to be in a room filled with such terrible smells. A top-quality e-juice, on the other hand, doesn’t produce so much odor when vaporized and that small amount of odor is pleasant and comes from the flavoring.

If you use a discreet vaper, you can pretty much enjoy it anywhere, unlike tobacco, which people can smell up to 30 meters away.

Basically, you can’t smoke a cigarette discreetly, but you can enjoy your e-liquid almost anywhere.

It’s much safer

Probably the most important advantage is the fact that vaping is safer than smoking. Some reputable institutions claim that it’s actually 95% safer than smoking.

This doesn’t mean that there isn’t a healthier habit, but if you’re trying to quit smoking or looking for a cheaper and healthier alternative, you can’t go wrong with vaping.

To begin with, there is no combustion, so it’s much better for your skin, for your lungs, and for your oral hygiene, and it can even help to improve the smell and taste of your breath instead of giving you “smokers breath”.

Also, when e-liquid is vaped, there are no toxins associated with the experience like there are with smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes. This also means there is no tar.

None of the other potentially dangerous toxins are present, such as hydrogen cyanide or carbon monoxide, arsenic, or lead.

This a step in the right direction

Mark Twain allegedly claimed that quitting smoking was the easiest thing in the world and that he himself had done it many times. Joke aside, very few people have managed to quit smoking easily.

That’s where vaping can help. Namely, you are able to better control the amount of nicotine you are taking in.

This means that instead of taking in a whole cigarette, you can slowly bring the nicotine levels down. This will be healthier for you than smoking. When you get used to that amount, you can continue taking a little bit more nicotine out.

Also, you shouldn’t forget the amount of money you’d be saving! Most vapers start by having high nicotine levels and then gradually work their way back and sometimes off of it completely.

Obviously, there are many great advantages of vaping, especially when compared with traditional smoking. With a wider range of products available at more affordable prices, a great majority of adults can find the right product in their budget.

Needless to say, you need to be careful when choosing the right products, especially when ordering online. It’s always a good idea to opt for companies and products that are reputable and trustworthy.

So, do consider vaping as a much safer, healthier, and more affordable alternative to smoking. These five benefits should be enough to persuade you to make the switch or choose to vape over smoking.


  1. It’s great to learn that vaping gives you different flavors to try and get rid of that smoking itch. My friend wants to stop his smoking habits since it’s starting to damage his teeth. Maybe he should try this out by purchasing tobacco-flavored vape juice.

  2. The fact that vape juice won’t produce any horrible smells is something I really liked reading about. I have a horrible smoking habit, and I’ve been putting my kids through some horrible experiences with the smell cigarettes produce, so I want to change for the better and for their sake. If I can find a vape shop in the area that can sell me better-smelling vape juice, I’ll be able to help my kids a lot better.

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