5 Amazing Resources to Help Your Deaf Teen Succeed

Everyone deserves a proper education and a classroom environment that they love. However, these things can become difficult if your child is deaf. Let’s take a very close look at five amazing resources to help your deaf teen succeed.

Hearing Aid

First and foremost, hearing aids are essential for any deaf individual. If they aren’t completely deaf, hearing aids make a world of a difference. When your child sits in the front row of the classroom, he or she may be able to hear the lecture as normal. As they go about their day, they’ll be able to talk to classmates and teachers to a satisfactory degree. It’s possible that a high-quality hearing device, such as Oticon hearing aids, solves all of the issues at once.

Look for the absolute best hearing aids on the market for your beloved child. Before using these devices in public, make sure to try them at home to ensure that they work and fit. Hearing aids have several different sound settings that can be tricky to use.

Academic Transcription

If a hearing aid doesn’t quite work, academic transcriptions are the next best thing. These transcriptions convert verbal content to written content for your teen. If he or she is studying for an exam, all of the relevant material will be laid out as a text. Although this can require a decent amount of reading, your teen won’t be missing anything in terms of academic content. Academic transcriptions are usually requested a couple of days in advance and delivered when needed. While your students might get by in school, they’ll want to contact an academic transcription company for important work. In particular, standardized tests should always be done in this manner.


Tutoring is a great resource for any student, not only for deaf ones. Different people learn in different ways. Maybe your child thrives in larger classes, or maybe they prefer small discussion groups. Other teens simply prefer a one on one setting, which tutoring achieves. Tutors can be found both in-person and online for almost any subject you can imagine. When your deaf teen is struggling with homework, sign them up for an online tutor who specializes in that topic. The tutor will identify your teen’s strengths and weaknesses and work with him or her to cover up any mistakes. They’ll get back on track in no time.

American Sign Language

Every deaf individual is familiar with ASL in some shape or form. Nevertheless, it doesn’t hurt to give your deaf teen some support in this regard. Suggest some ASL communities that he or she can join. In every city around the country, there are ASL communities that meet at recreation centers and parks every week. Activities can range from sporting events to board games on weekend nights. When your teen is surrounded by similar people, they will feel comfortable and empowered. ASL is becoming an almost universal sign of unity. Whether your teen is in school or at the shopping mall, they should take pride in ASL.

Deaf Schools

Last but not least, deaf schools are ideal for your teen. While they might be able to manage at a regular school with limited hearing, it’s simply not the same. You want to put them in a position to succeed without any hindrances. A deaf school enables just that with resources for deaf individuals. From the whiteboard to homework assignments, everything is specially catered to the deaf. They will receive a full education that is customized to their wants and needs. In the future, employers and colleges are likely to recognize this education and understand the circumstances. The bottom line is, you want the brightest future for your teen. Deaf schools have years of experience with disabled students.


When all is said and done, these are five amazing resources to help your deaf teen succeed. With these resources, your child can overcome deafness and pursue their passions like anyone else. Set him or her up for success today!

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