5 Best Casino Resorts in the World

While it is pretty convenient to gamble online and play games of your choice, it can never match the excitement of playing in a luxurious brick-and-mortar casino resort. If you are indulging a bit and treating yourself to visiting an exclusive casino resort, then we have listed the best 5 casino resorts in the world to pick from.

1. The Venetian, Macau

This casino replicated the famous Italian city. There is nothing unique in its creativity as such, but it is the second-largest casino on the planet and the seventh-largest building built when you measure the floor area (10.8 million square feet of floor area). You will find the most luxurious suits, shopping malls, restaurants, and swimming pools here. Even if you do not enjoy gambling, you will surely enjoy the complex. It even offers you a thrilling Gondola ride. The complex cost $2.4 billion to construct. Its casino is also the most extensive one that facilitates about 3000 slots and 750 table games. They offer a fantastic selection of table games, including Blackjack, Craps, Three Card Poker, Roulette, Mini-Baccarat, Three Card Baccarat, Money Wheel, Sands Stud Poker, and Dragon Phoenix.

2. Caesars Palace, Las Vegas

When we talk about the best casinos around the world, Las Vegas undoubtedly always makes this list, as it hosts most of the luxurious casinos around the Earth. It is called the Sin City for a reason, of course. Caesars Palace and the word luxury is always used in the same sentence as this is undoubtedly a deluxe resort built 50 years ago. Throughout these years, it has faced its fair shares of troubles, such as financial crises and multiple candles, but it has fared through these situations well and has only become stronger. Spread over lavish 166,000 square feet of gaming area, this place is huge and elegant simultaneously. It offers suites, rooms, restaurants, cafes, and spas featuring Roman baths. It is a luxury icon with a Roman Empire theme.

It has an enormous casino- 124,000+ square feet divided into multiple pits. The table game pit is placed at the center of the casino. They host a wide selection of less popular table games as well, along with the common ones. Located in every pit around the casino, you will find Blackjack along with the Blazing Blackjack Progressive bonus tables. Caesars also has another variation called Free Bet Blackjack. You will find Craps in the central pit and Baccarat in the central main pit. Roulette is located in multiple pits. These are standard double zero roulette games where minimum bets of $15 or $50 can be placed. There is a virtual roulette for you to play with a live wheel for $3.

3. Bellagio, Las Vegas

If you are looking for an iconic Las Vegas casino, this is the one. It offers Five-star luxury and comes with an excellent reputation. Everything you find here would be over the top. It is magnificent and one of the world’s most famous casino resorts that cost about $88 million to be built. It is best known for its famous Hollywood fountains and choreographed water shows. They have featured this in several films like ‘Ocean’s 11’ and ‘The Hangover.’ It is renowned for ‘The Office,’ which is its high-end poker room and regularly hosts World Poker Tour events.

They have 116,000 square foot gaming space where most popular games are grouped into sections. They have multiple pit areas for table games, with Baccarat being present on the main floor. Both Blackjack and Craps games are available here physically as well as virtual games starting at $5.

They offer both double zero roulette ($15 minimum) and European single zero roulette ($100 minimum) on the main floor. Virtual roulette with a live wheel also can be found with a minimum bet of $5 or $10.

Pai Gow is a popular game at Bellagio; hence, it has its own dedicated section on the floor. They also offer Three Card Poker, Ultimate Texas Hold’em, Crazy 4 Poker, High Card Flush, Big Wheel, Casino War, and Let It Ride. In fact, Bellagio is one such casino that offers so many mixed-table game options to its players that other casinos do not provide. With so many options, getting a seat for a table game is always easy here.

4. Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

This might not be the biggest casino in the world, but it is the second most expensive casino property that was built, costing $5.5 billion to construct. It has four levels of gaming space with over 2300 slot machines to choose from. It also offers over 500 gaming tables and 30 private gaming rooms. They offer Roulette, Double Zero Roulette, and Sands Roulette variations of the game. They have many variations of Baccarat like 6 Star No Commission Baccarat, Fa Fa Fabulous 4 Baccarat, 7 Up Baccarat, Fabulous 4 Baccarat, Sands Elements No Commission Baccarat, Sands Super Baccarat, Tiger Baccarat, and Tiger No Commission Baccarat. If your luck runs out, you can enjoy their 500-foot infinity pool on the 57th floor, which offers a 360-degree view of the city.

They split the floor into multiple areas, including smoking and non-smoking area. The staff is courteous and professional. We found it interesting that they also offer a self-help beverage area. They still have staff going around and serving soft drinks to guests.

Their electronic table games include Aruze Lucky Sic Bo, Alfastreet, Shufflemaster Rapid, and Aruze Dragon Sic Bo.

5. Sun City Casino Resort, South Africa

If you are looking for a giant Las Vegas-like casino in South Africa, this is located in Bantustan of Bophuthatswana, which is now part of South Africa’s North-West Province. The Sun City Resort opened in 1979 in the middle of the jungle, roughly two hours from Johannesburg. The area where the casino opened was designated by the government for the black majority population, where national law did not apply equally. That meant allowing gambling in the area. This destination became quickly famous for high rollers and today ranks as one of the top casino resorts in the world. This is the world’s most popular casino resort, with various hotels and over 850 slot machines, and over 40 gaming tables for American Roulette. Blackjack, Punto Baccarat and stud Poker. Further guests can even go on safaris offered by the resort, where they get to book their own private game reserve.

Additionally, they provide promotions and giveaways that make gambling much more fun, and it is tough for any other casino to match its thrills.

Not every land-based casino is of the same size and theme. Hence you need to pick it up based on your personal taste and the size of your wallet, of course.


Viral Rang
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