5 Best Tips For Train Journey In India

When it comes to long journeys then most Indian people find it comfortable to travel by train. Due to the large area of the seat, traveling through railways provides you a complete relaxation during your journey. Also, the beautiful running landscape outside the train allows for a long time to pass easily.

However, it is not that simple to travel by train if you don’t keep certain points in your mind. From seat booking to what to pack for a train trip, you must be familiar with these things before starting your journey on the train.

Read the following helpful tips for traveling in India through railways to have the best journey experience without facing any difficulty.

Book Your Seat In Advance

If you have finalized your tour dates then don’t be late and book your seat in advance to avoid the chance of being on the waiting list. If you are very sure about the dates of your journey then it will be awesome to make a reservation of seats 50 days in advance.

If you have missed out reservation then another alternative is to go for a Tatkal ticket. However, it will cost you more than a general ticket.

If you have more than one day traveling then go for a sleeper cabin instead of a seat to travel without any hindrance.

Book a window seat if you are a nature lover and love to enjoy the outer view from the train. The window seat provides a more comfortable recline than the middle and other seats.

Before Boarding the Train

Make sure you are on the right platform from where the train starts for your destination. Take help from the guidance board or check out with the helping desk at the station.

If you have loads of luggage then you can ask a licensed porter to carry your bags to the train. The rates of porters are fixed by the Railway department but never displayed anywhere. Therefore, you will have to fix the reasonable rates by yourself.

Every railway station is provided with a wheelchair facility to help a differently able person so utilize it in case of need. Also, now the Indian Railways are providing escalators on all the major stations. You can check the availability of the same so that you don’t get exhausted while climbing the foot over the bridge with your heavy luggage.

Pack Your Entertainment Items

Reading a book is a favorite time pass for a long time journey for all those people who love to grab new information. It can be a subject book, a magazine, a storyteller, or any other study material.

However, you can go for a tablet that provides you with a perfect blend of music, e-books, movies, and games. Don’t forget to fill it to charge before leaving your home so that you don’t perturbed after finding any charging port near you.

A simple pack of cards will do it all. If you know how to play cards then it would be the best entertaining activity with your friends and family while having a long train ride.

Put On Comfortable Clothes

As you already know that you are going on a long ride, wearing comfortable clothes will offer you complete relaxation during your journey. Traveling by railway becomes more difficult while wearing tight skinny jeans or high heels. Therefore, opt for cozy clothes that are smooth in fabric and put on your comfy slippers.

Check These Items in Your Bag

  • Make sure you have kept a charger or power bank to charge your mobile devices.
  • If you are choosey or have special dietary needs then pack your food so that you don’t get frustrated after finding any food of your choice.
  • However, the water facility is available at every station but the taste of the water will vary as per the location. Therefore, carry sufficient water bottles from your home.
  • Keep some general medicines in your bag to avoid the herculean situation. If you have travel sickness then you must carry some medicines to cure it. A lemon and salt will add a benefit to your health.

These were some helpful tips for First Time Train Travel in India which you must follow to have an enjoyable railway ride. Check train ticket availability on EaseMyTrip Trains and book your seat easily at a cheaper price. Check the site for the most amazing offers on railway booking.

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