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5 Cars That Look Expensive but Are Cheap

Most car owners dream of having a luxury car that they can take anywhere. The fact is most of us can’t afford them as they are tremendously expensive. The good news is, there are several cars in the market that look expensive, but in reality, they are affordable.

We like keeping the status level high in society, and a good-looking car is a crucial element. There is some serious appeal from society to look fancy. Buying an old vintage car is expensive in the first place. If you are going the vintage way, you can consider buying a used car in the same segment.

Buying a used car is not a bad choice unless and until you have a history report in your hand. You can get a quick Revs Check Report in a few seconds, helping you with determining hidden issues in the car. If it has been in accidents previously, the history report determines whether it is ready for the first lane. Also, it assists you to know if there are loan outstanding and stolen issues.

Nonetheless, the following is the list of cars that might interest you.


1. Nissan Leaf

Launched in 2011, the Nissan Leaf was the first electric car mass-produced with sensible range and decent performance. Nissan Leaf is a typical example of the most sorted and beautiful-looking car in the market. You can find the vehicle on sale for around nine and a half grand; however, the brand new Nissan Leaf costs around $30,000.

Alloy wheel, Sat Nav Bluetooth, and a rearview camera are the Nissan leaf’s main attractions. The car has a 24 Kilowatt battery which you might expect to get 85 to 100 miles on a full charge. Since electric cars are filling the gaps of many garages, getting the Nissan Leaf in replacing the Tesla high-end car might be an excellent choice.

2. Porsche Boxster

If you fancy a sports car, the Porsche Boxster is literally a top dog. The Boxster is more practical than you might think. Under the skin, the car promises to deliver superpower, low down torque, and overall a better fuel economy.

As you can expect from Porsche, the Boxster has the best driving position in the segment. There is plenty of adjustment you can make to the seat and the steering wheel. The infotainment screen is excellent as it houses smartphone connectivity and top-tier technology. Sitting in the Boxster will never make you feel exhausted; if you like to operate the roof, it can be easily done with a single button.

The 2020 model of Porsche Boxster starts at $59,600; however, you can get the 2011 model as low as $25,000.

3. Chevrolet Colorado

Chevrolet Colorado is a complete convenience package. The way the front and backend of the car look is bold. It has got the right proportion and nice fender flares making it a very handsome-looking vehicle. Furthermore, the overall looks and the color of the Chevy pops that actually makes people turn their head.

The interior of the Chevrolet Colorado is a lovely place to be as it gives rough and tough vibes. If you are familiar with the Chevrolet vehicles, you will feel at home sitting inside Colorado. Being a pickup truck, the Chevrolet Colorado serves more of a practical purpose. The 2016 Colorado is available to purchase at $20,995 at several dealerships.


4. Honda Civic

Honda Civic is the staple of Honda’s lineup and a perpetually the top-selling compact car. The car is weirdly free from compromise; it’s both fun and frugal at the same time youthful and ultimately responsible.

You can expect everything from engineering and design magic put into action in Honda Civic. It couples a very comfortable ride with fun and sporty handling. The interior of the Honda civic houses a number of improvements over its previous models. Off you see, the Civic has a two-tier dash, simple control, and clean, modern aesthetics. Being the best-styled and comfortable car in the segment, the Honda Civic starts at $18,640.

5. Toyota Prius

If you are looking for a car that’s both practical and attractive, Toyota Prius could give you a positive response. The Toyota Prius is no wonder the best-selling car in the world, thanks to its fuel economy and overall design.

Toyota Prius is the real treat if you are looking to buy a visually appealing car at a decent price segment. Nothing can go wrong if you expect to buy a Toyota Prius; moreover, you can get the 2017 model at just $24,685.

Without breaking a bank, you can buy cars that look stunning and actually a powerhouse just below $25,000. Cars are still evolving, and in the future, we might expect to see more beautiful cars at affordable prices. So what do you think of our list? These are the most affordable options we could suggest that have high-quality material and looks and feel expensive.

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