5 Common Computer Support and IT Services Problems during the Lockdown

The world over is reeling from the impact of COVID-19. A vast population has been forced to operate from the convenience of their homes and going out is strictly banned. Though working from home is convenient, companies were not prepared to handle the same.

This has led to employees facing computer and IT issues that hamper their work progress. Here we share with you 5 common computer support issues people are facing at this time.

Sudden breakdowns

Due to a sudden increase in the usage of computers in lockdown are facing breakdowns. They are getting stuck due to too much use or completely giving up leaving the user in a big turmoil. Unfortunately in the lockdown period, it is quite tough to request a check-up of your laptop. 

However, some companies handle such problems online. You may search their details on the internet, such as IT services West Palm Beach FL and you would get companies that can come quickly to address any such problems you may be facing.

Lack of spares

Nobody was expecting something of such a vast proportion to happen. The lockdown was sudden and people were not equipped to handle it. Then they do not have spare laptop chargers, accessories, and other parts. 

So if any part of the laptop is showing signs of trouble, people are unable to arrange replacements because neighborhood shops are not entertaining any such requests. The maximum that can be done is to wait for the lockdown to open or somehow arrange for someone to help you with the spares.

Increase in the pressure on the laptop

With work pressure, increasing people are being forced to put in extra hours at their workplace. That means a load on the devices they have been using. Whether it is a laptop, computer, or any other such device, they all are more prone to breakdown than ever. The worst is that in such circumstances asking for a replacement is also not possible.

Lack of communication

A lot of parts are required to make your video conferencing and calls successful. However, since the lockdown was hurried, most people have been unable to arrange the same. So the calls are not as successful and there are communication gaps that lead to the work productivity getting affected.

Connectivity issues 

The burden on your network has increased more than ever. Work happens at odd hours and for longer times, thus causing your modem and internet devices to give up. Only a company that is available at short notice can help you out and finding them is a herculean task.


The lockdown has been hard on everyone and worse is that none of us know when this might end. The maximum we can do is hope that the problem subsides soon. Until that does not happen we have to manage with whatever resources we have. 

If you have computer issues like the ones mentioned above, look around for a reputed company that understands your problems and tackles them with its expertise.

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