5 Common Detox Side Effects

Do you suffer from fatigue or skin problems, or do you just feel unhealthy? If so, you may have heard that a body detox or cleanse is the answer to your problems. Yes, it can be. However, before you get started, it is important to familiarize yourself with the possible side effects.

Regarding side effects, it depends on which detox diet approach you take. For example, the consumption of organic foods is an easy way to detox your body. When you stop putting unnatural foods into your body, it can start to expel the toxins already built up. On the other hand, there is water and juice fasting.

These two approaches involve consuming nothing but water and juice respectively. Since our body is used to and relies on the consumption of solid foods, you will experience more side effects.

Side Effect #1 – Fatigue

It seems ironic that drowsiness and fatigue is a side effects of a body detox or cleanse. After all, that is one reason why people opt for a cleansing; to cure fatigue. At the conclusion of your cleanse, you will notice an increase in energy. During the cleanse, you will experience some downiness and fatigue. This is common with water fasting or juice fasting, as your body will temporarily lack needed nutrients.

Side Effect #2 – Headaches

Headaches are common, but they can be a painful and frustrating process when a side effect of the detox. There are various reasons for this side effect, but withdrawal is the most common reason. Even if you do not consume drugs or alcohol or smoke cigarettes, you may still notice withdrawal symptoms. This is common with caffeine.

Even if you only drink two cups of coffee or two cans of soda, your body may become dependent on caffeine. During a body detox, you need to eliminate these drinks from your diet. The result could be mild to severe headaches. The good news is that after you cleanse you may finally be free of caffeine, no longer needing it to go about your day.

Side Effect #3 – Increased Urination

Whether you consume organic foods, fruits, and vegetables only, or if you opt for a water fast or juice fast, a lot of liquids will be put into your body. These liquids are important, as they help to flush your body with toxins. Unfortunately, more liquids equal more trips to the bathroom.

Side Effect #4 – Diarrhea

In addition to making more trips to the bathroom to urinate, you may also notice an increase in bowel movements. At first, this may come in the form of diarrhea. As embarrassing as this may be, it is good for your body. Why? Because it is naturally expelling toxins. In fact, the more you go to the bathroom, the better your body detox or cleanse is working.

Many individuals wonder if they need to adjust their schedules while on a body cleanse or detox. Not always. With that said, if you opt for a colon cleanse, as opposed to whole-body detox, small adjustments should be made. Colon cleanses with the use of saltwater flushes or pills tend to have quicker and more effective results.

Side Effect #5 – Nausea

Nausea is another common side effect of a body detox or cleanse. Many people experience this side effect, but the causes for it vary. If you are addicted to something, such as alcohol, caffeine, or cigarettes, you may experience withdrawal symptoms on a cleanse. A common symptom of withdrawal is nausea and vomiting.

The Master Cleanse, water fasting, and juice fasting, all call for the elimination of solid foods. During the first one to three days of your detox, you will experience intense hunger. Although the hunger will pass, you may experience nausea.

The side mentioned above effects are just a few of the many you may experience while on a body detox or cleanse. It is important to remember that the human body and detox plans vary; therefore, you may be side effect free or experience additional complications.

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