5 Common Low Carb Diet Mistakes to Avoid

A low carb diet has proven to be highly effective especially when it comes to weight loss. It is probably for this reason that a lot of people have chosen to reduce their daily carbohydrate intake. Apart from its weight loss benefits, a low carb diet is also useful when it comes to preventing health-related diseases such as diabetes since high levels of carbohydrates in our diet can spike the blood sugar level of the body.

When starting a low carb diet, there are a few mistakes that you need to avoid to get the best out of your diet plan. Whether you choose to adopt a low carb diet to lose weight or simply to reduce the risk of diabetes and other ailments associated with excessive carbohydrate consumption below are some low carb diet mistakes you need to avoid.

1. Not eating enough carbohydrate

A lot of people in a bid to reduce their daily carbohydrate consumption eat too little carbohydrate. The truth is that your body needs all the essential macronutrients (fats, protein, and carbs) in the right proportion, and eating too few carbs hurts your health.

You also need to ensure that get enough vitamins and minerals or merely add low carb protein powder to ensure that your meals are balanced to provide you with enough energy to perform daily activities.

The best way to avoid eating too little carbohydrate is to work out a daily meal plan that balances out your nutrient level or better yet engages in the act of counting your daily calorie consumption to be sure of what you are eating.

2. Throwing out your fruits and vegetables

fruits and vegetables diet

Skimping out on fruits and vegetables especially when on a low carb diet isn’t at all right for you. If for anything, you should be eating more fruits and vegetables when on a low carb diet due to their fact that they are rich in starch which is capable of providing the body with the right amount of carbohydrate needed in your diet.

Remember that you need to avoid fruits that are high in sugar since they are capable of altering your daily caloric level. Fruits such as berries, apples, melons, peaches, and nectarines are relatively low in sugar whereas fruits such as dried fruits (raisins, dates, figs, apricots) and tropical fruits (banana, mango, pineapple) are high in sugar. Vegetables such as bell peppers, spinach, zucchini, cauliflower, avocados, broccoli, and cucumbers are safe for consumption when on a low carb diet.

3. Not getting enough exercise

A common mistake you need to avoid when on a low carb diet is not getting enough exercise. It is the truth that reducing your daily carbohydrate consumption can go a long way in helping you lose weight, but if you are serious about losing a reasonable amount of weight in the shortest possible time, then you need to combine a low carb diet with a strict exercise routine.

Routines such as cardio and yoga are also very helpful in keeping your muscles and joints free from stress. Sporting activities such as running, football, or even swimming help to keep the body stress free. Also, remember that you need to get enough rest days after each workout and endeavor to eat your meals when you need to.

4. Throwing away fat from your diet

Cheese fat, away from eating food that contains fat

One common mistake most people make is to shy away from eating food that contains fat. Understandably, the need to lose body fat might tempt you to want to combine a low carb diet with a low-fat diet, but the fact remains that your diet should constitute a balanced amount of healthy fat to help the body function accurately.

You need to ensure that you consume foods that are rich in healthy fats, especially those of omega-3 fats such as olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, and nut oil. You can also top your dishes with butter, sauces, or oil dressings.

5. Not planning out your diet

When starting a new meal plan, the best way to give you a better chance of following the meal is to draw a meal plan and endeavor to stick to it. When you fail to have a laid out meal plan, it becomes difficult to stay dedicated to the diet.

Also when you plan your meals, it becomes easy to stick to your diet and monitor what you eat as it helps to eliminate the chances of giving in to cravings or eating when you shouldn’t be or what you shouldn’t eat. Go grocery shopping and plan out your meals for the week. Take advantage of the weekend to cook meals for the week ahead and store them in the refrigerator. This is by far the most effective way of ensuring that your meals will always be available when you need them.


A low carb diet is highly beneficial in losing weight and also preventing diseases such as diabetes but to get the best out of a low carb diet is to combine it with a strict exercise routine. Also, remember to consume enough fruits and vegetables and also ensure that your meals are balanced, and avoid foods that contain a high amount of sugar as they are notorious for spiking the insulin level of the body.

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