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5 Considerations When Purchasing Parts and Consumables

It is important to factor in some things as you choose replacement parts and consumables from suppliers for your systems. When you use quality replacement parts, it will ensure you get a system that operates reliably every day.

Unlike when your parts are not quality, as they cause downtime affecting your schedules. Therefore, as you shop for the parts to purchase, consider parts that are designed specifically for your equipment and be careful of the parts that claim to be, as they will not be as effective. In this article, are 5 considerations when purchasing parts and consumables.

1. Performance

What is the performance or quality of the parts and consumables that you are purchasing? It is vital to consider this as high-quality parts are durable and more cost-effective in the long run. Therefore, how do you tell that a part is of high quality? You need to look for genuine industrial equipment parts that are manufactured and engineered to the exact specifications that the manufacturer requires.

After all, if you need the performance of your system to be better, you need to go for higher quality. For this reason, ask your supplier if they test various parts against others as they evaluate longevity and performance.

As field tests are important, a good supplier will work with various manufacturers in various industries that have different applications to ensure their parts can stand the rigors of the manufacturing environment.

2. Logistics

One of the critical things is having parts available where and when you need them. Because of this, partner with a supplier whose service is global to make it easily accessible for you. For instance, consider if they work with a logistics and shipping expert.

Also, do they have an around the world network distribution? If this is the case, it is a great indication that the parts you purchase from them will be delivered where and when you need them.

Therefore, seek to find a supplier that meets most of these, and it will be beneficial to you and your business. After all, a strong service organization is more responsive when you need them and this keeps your business running smoothly.

3. Blanket purchase order

It is important to consider the blanket purchase order (BPO). This is because it has various benefits to the supplier as it does to the buyer. As an example, it allows for competitive pricing, hence, it entitles the buyer to discounted pricing.

This is because the predetermined pricing offered to the supplier for a certain period makes the BPO serve as a hedge against inflation. Also, there is a certainty for the supplier and buyer, in that the buyer is certain concerning price, quantities, payment terms, and delivery requirements.

Due to the improved purchasing process, having a BPO ensures that shipment delays are minimal so you get your parts and consumables when you need them. Additionally, when you consider the BPO you have reduced freight charges as it eliminates unexpected shipping charges due to the emergency orders of a long lead time system.

4. Customer experience

As you aim to purchase parts and consumables from your supplier it should be convenient. Therefore, consider a technology partner that offers various sales channels. For instance, an e-commerce website dealing with parts and consumables will give you immediate access to parts information and you can order anytime.

Also, consider if there is a customer solution center as it makes all the difference in this field. Using a global call center allows you to have the fastest way to solve or consult on an issue you have. Still, on customer experience, you can enquire if there are field technicians who are knowledgeable for on-site assistance.

If there are remote support service systems, they come in handy when you need remote services to avoid any disruption to your work.

5. Expertise

Considering the expertise is invaluable, especially that of your supplier’s experience and knowledge. They gain a lot of insight through working with clients across the globe, across applications, and industries allowing them to give their expertise practices regarding equipment maintenance, consumables, and parts selection.

Hence, it is important to consider the level of expertise before you purchase from them.

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