5 Direct to Consumer Products Brand- Check Out Right Now

Have you thought that brick and mortar stores are going to die out in this age of e-commerce and digital commerce? Well, nothing could be far from the actual truth. In reality, they are making a stronger comeback

Have you thought that brick-and-mortar stores are going to die out in this age of e-commerce and digital commerce? Well, nothing could be far from the actual truth. In reality, they are making a stronger comeback. More brands are opening up their physical presence. It’s happening right now as you are here. Brands that have made a good reputation online now want to take their user’s experience to another level.

Direct to consumer products are reshaping how the user purchase and make a decision about any products. They offer better flexibility to consumers. So, while the brands are making their presence known, what are the 5 direct to consumer products brands you can check out right now?

Wovenlyrugs – Better and creative looking rugs for kids rooms

It is shown in research that kids who grow up playing with different shapes and patterns, often grow up to be better problem solvers as well. That’s exactly what makes the best rugs for kids’ rooms.

They look quite gorgeous and are a signature of your taste to people who visit your house. Having these rugs will make your kid’s room a beautiful place, and he/she will find them much more appealing than any other rugs.

Often you choose a rug color, and when you get it in your hand, you find that this is not the color you have paid for. Quite frustrating, isn’t it? Wovenlyrugs makes sure you have got exactly what you have paid for, and their rug material is very soft yet sturdy.

Lively – comfortable and supportive lingerie for women

There was a time getting comfortable undergarments for women was so rare that you often had to wonder what is wrong with this industry? Well mostly it was controlled by men, and it wasn’t really about how comfortable women are really feeling in these lingeries. However, the time has changed, and women are taking charge of their own needs.

Lively is an internet-based startup that has been widely appreciated for making athletic bras for women. These bras are quite comfortable to wear and cost you only $35, which is pretty cheap, considering the quality they provide. Their founder,  Michelle Cordeiro Grant, is widely applauded for her initiative. Now they have opened up quite a few physical stores as well.

Awara sleep mattress – Better sleep for couples

Sick of paying so much for your mattress and still not getting what you have thought the product would provide? It often happens more when buying a new mattress. Firstly they cost you big time, and then you get a mattress that isn’t comfortable either!

And once you have brought one, it’s very less likely you will be able to afford another one any time soon. A wrong choice can cost you both money and health as well.

But Awara sleep mattress has been finding ways to cut down the price of quality mattresses significantly. Their hybrid latex mattress is eco-friendly and quite comfortable. But not just that, they will cost you substantially less than other mattress brands you are likely to find.

Parachute – for better-looking home

What do you need after buying a good quality mattress? Of course, an excellent quality bed sheet that is comfortable and complements your bed. There are other brands that are making quality bed sheets too. But parachute is unique in its approach to the whole concept of home essentials.

They have everything, from towels to bedsheets, and won’t cost you a kidney or liver either. And if you feel like they are not worth it, you can just return them within 60 days, no strings attached!

Tie bar – for the most stylish tie

What sets the men from looking like someone who is impersonating George Clooney to actually someone who has a good sense of style and dignity? It’s the Tie. The tie bar provides facilities to custom design your Tie. They have a really impressive collection of bow ties that comes in just $19.

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