5 Emerging Trends Reshaping Apartment living in 2021

If your dream is to be a certified city-dweller living amidst all the hustle and bustle of the big city, then you’ll be happy to know that apartment living is functional, comfortable, and immensely popular nowadays. Even though first-time homebuyers are increasingly leaving those densely populated areas in search of more peaceful neighborhoods to raise their families, there is no denying that living in a functional, modern apartment is highly rewarding. Especially if you want to be in the middle of the action, all of the time.

However, you shouldn’t settle for an apartment with affordable rent and a good location, because there are some amazing apartment trends you need to look for to ensure a high quality of life. Of course, most upgrades you can do yourself once you move in, but some perks come with the type of property itself. Let’s take a look at these trends to uncover what makes for amazing apartment living in 2021.

Introducing the biophilic design

Throughout the decades, many cities around the world have been slowly losing their touch with the natural world. While it is expected for urban development to focus more on raising new buildings rather than parks, in recent years there have been many government-led initiatives to restore nature in the cities across the globe. However, this is not enough to make city living more comfortable and peaceful for the modern generation.

That’s why one of the leading trends for the future of apartment design will be the biophilic approach, also known as the art of bringing nature into your living environment. From using natural materials for furniture and décor, all the way to making greenery an inextricable part of the design, the biophilic approach aims to bring peace and tranquility to your humble abode. You’d agree, this is a much-needed change to contrast the hectic nature of urban living.

Smart tech elevates efficiency and comfort

Smart technology has revolutionized the modern living environment. It doesn’t matter if you live in a mid-size or a luxury home, a small apartment, or a loft in the city, smart tech makes modern living more functional, efficient, safer, and comfortable. Not only that, but you can always use a smart home hub as a nice contrast to an otherwise retro décor, so the possibilities are endless.

Whether it’s a futuristic design or a traditional one, it doesn’t matter really, your goal should be to use smart tech to create a more connected home. Look for apartments with smart appliances and built-in IoT devices like a smart thermostat, camera, or HVAC system, all of which will allow you to control your home via smartphone and help you lead a more functional life overall.

Serviced apartments for functional living

Speaking of functionality, another trend that is sweeping the world currently is the trend of serviced apartments. The serviced apartment is a concept that is extremely popular in cities across the globe, particularly in regions where the cost of living and rent are higher, such as Hong Kong. For example, studio apartments for rent in Hong Kong are more affordable than regular self-service properties, and they come with various amenities that take the stress out of city living in the process, making them more functional and comfortable.

Cleaning, linen changes, and various other services are included in the price of a serviced apartment, and the building has numerous communal areas like a kitchen, a gym, a laundry room, a reading room, and more. This means that your apartment is not cramped and is clutter-free, but that you get all the services that take the stress out of living in the big city.

Clean energy for conservation and sustainability

Clean energy for conservation and sustainability

Another trend you should be on the lookout for is clean energy. Nowadays, landlords and investors are increasingly investing in clean energy and sustainable solutions when developing properties or equipping rentals to capitalize on conservation.

However, it’s not just about long-term financial savings – it’s also about appealing to the new generation of city dwellers. Moving into an apartment with sustainable features will help you contribute to the preservation of the environment, help you save money on bills, and lead a more sustainable life overall.

Small space living is on the rise

Last, but not least, it’s important to know that small space living is on the rise, and for several compelling reasons. From greater financial savings on utilities and rent, all the way to greater functionality of living depending on the design of the interior, there’s no denying that small apartments are popular in big cities. Choosing to downsize can be a wise and rewarding decision, and it just might bring you the peace of mind you’ve been searching for amidst the hustle and bustle of the big city.

Wrapping up

Many people choose to leave densely populated urban environments in search of peace and lower rents, but that doesn’t mean that you should move away if you’re a natural city dweller. With these trends in mind, you know just what type of apartment to look for and how to make your new apartment a home imbued with lifelong happiness.

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