5 Factors to Consider When Hiring Home Solar Installers

Did you know solar panels can save you on average $100 a month on your energy bills? That’s a huge amount and enough to brighten up anyone’s day!

Finding the right experts to install solar panels on your roof requires knowing your options. Here are 5 factors to consider when hiring home solar installers.

1. Types of Services Offered

Different solar installers offer different levels of services, so ask what they have to offer. Some will install the panels, while others will do the entire job from start to finish.

You might want to hire a full-service installer with a vast amount of solar installation experience who will take care of everything from installing solar panels to cleaning them, especially as different solar panel designs require different installation procedures.

2. Cost of Installation

Comparing installation costs varies depending on factors such as location and energy consumption. You’ll also want to calculate the cost of electricity you’ll be paying for once the panels are on the roof. Think about future costs that might arise from extra damage caused to your roof or other exterior parts of your house.

Some solar contractors can help you finance your new investment with a lease or loan, while others cannot. It’s a good idea to assess your own budgets first before finding the right solar panel installer. That way, you can ensure everything lines up with your own expectations of pricing.

And, companies may offer rebates or tax credits depending on your federal, state, and local tax rates. Ask which ones you qualify for. It’ll surprise you that you can get more than you think!

3. Warranties and Guarantees

Look for installers that offer warranties and guarantees if something goes wrong with your installation. Do note, though, that panel warranties are not actually the same thing as general product warranties.

The panels have a working guarantee, but not that they will generate a certain amount of energy from sunlight. In most cases, panels last around 20 years or more with proper maintenance after their installation.

4. Local Licenses and Safety Certifications

Look for installers licensed by your state. That way, you can ensure they bear the required safety credentials needed to work where you live. Also, find out if they’re willing to cover any problems that may arise and who handle fixing them if something goes wrong.

5. Environmental Reputation of Home Solar Installers

Find out how much time the company has been in operation and what they have done for previous clients. You want to make sure they have a solid track record of taking care of customers and repairing their equipment when something goes wrong.

You can read more about reputable solar installations.

Don’t Forget to Ask Around

You can also ask friends, family, or neighbors who have solar panels for recommendations on which home solar installers they used and how their installation turned out.

It’s best to get at least 5 quotes from different installers so you can compare prices, services offered, and warranties on workmanship. Make sure to do your research on companies before committing to their services.

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