5 Fresh Ways To Use Accent Furniture To Decorate Your House

You don’t need a designer to decorate your house with accent furniture pieces. Read the fresh ways to use accent furniture to give your house a personality here.

When it comes to home decor, there’s no need to spend a fortune on hiring a professional. The internet is rife with DIY decor ideas, and the real secret is: that a little goes a long way.

If you don’t have a huge budget for redecorating, accent furniture pieces can be your best friend. You can splurge on one big focus piece, or scatter your spending around to incorporate smaller collections to add oomph to any space.

Not sure where to start? Keep reading for 5 fresh ways to use accent furniture to inject some extra life into any room.

1- Chairs Make Great Accent Furniture Pieces

Don’t dismiss the power of a chair.┬áNot only are they essential for the comfort of yourself and your guests, but they can also be the accent piece you’ve been missing.

Greys, whites, and beiges can seem boring to the untrained eye. But those with an eye for design know that those muted colors can open a world of opportunity for accent colors to come alive.

Add a couple of bright-colored or wild-patterned chairs to an otherwise muted room, and watch how these small additions can transform the entire vibe of a space.

The best thing about chairs – is they’re easy to replace if you get bored or want to try another color scheme.

2- That Rug Tied The Room Together

Are there any Big Lebowski fans out there? The Dude will tell you, that a rug can tie a room together. Not furniture, per se, but area rugs can be a stylish and fun way to add personality and warmth to a room.

Even if a rug is the only accent piece in a room, it can be a powerful one. Go bold with your choice, and then sit back and let the magic carpet work its wonders.

3. Tables Aren’t Only Functional

While a table is a standard piece of furniture for any kitchen or living room, spicing up your selection with colors and patterns can be the secret style ingredient you’ve been looking for.

Adding small tables to otherwise table-less spaces like bedrooms and bathrooms can add an element of stylish function not easily achieved with other furniture pieces.

Consider shelves as well. Well-positioned and well-styled shelving units can be a great way to display books, lighting fixtures, and trinkets.

4. Go Big, Or Go Home

When choosing an accent piece, there’s no point in picking something meek or muted. Think big! If your home is otherwise muted, choose a colorful or ornate piece like a china cabinet or folding room separating apparatus to add some oomph.

If you already have a color scheme going on, choose a large accent piece that either complements or directly opposes the existing colors. Contrast can work well if executed properly.

5. Accessorize

Accent pieces don’t have to be in the form of one, big, expensive purchase. Instead, consider emphasizing what you already have with accessories like pillows, baskets, blankets, flowers, sculptures, and candles.

Pick a color scheme and run with it. A grey and white room can look great with a few carefully selected red accessories tied in. Learn more about affordable ways you can accessorize your home.

Checking Out

Regardless of your budget, accent furniture pieces can be the missing design element of any home decor project.

It doesn’t take much. Small, carefully selected accessories can make just as big of an impact as a china cabinet or couch. Have fun with it!

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