5 Fun and Effective Ways to Spice up your Home Workout Routines

Staying fit and healthy is essential, especially during this time of the pandemic. The end of this virus is still unknown, so people are left with no other choice than to create their home workout routines.

Your home workout routines would probably still be adequate in the first few weeks, but you will surely reach a point where you will feel like your training is getting boring and ineffective. To help you get rid of that feeling, here are some fun and effective ways how you can spice up your home workout routine.

1- Join an online fitness course

Joining an online fitness course surrounded by people who share the same goals would be a lot of fun. It’ll keep you pumped up in doing your home workout routines. Other people might want to be alone when they work out, but once they experience being in a group, they will surely change their minds.

Having a group can boost your motivation to work out and train harder by supporting one another. Groups also have the same goal, which is why being in a group can also create a good and healthy environment for you, away from distractions. Fitness courses from CrossFit, Warrior Babe, Alison, and many more are available online for you to apply and join.

2- Utilize what you have

If you have enough gym equipment in your house, then you probably want to skip this one out, but if you don’t, then this might help you. To spice up your home workout routine and compensate for the lack of gym equipment in your house, you should try utilizing your things and turn them into alternative gym equipment.

This would increase the intensity of your workout and can add resistance to your movements. An example of this is by using a gallon of water as your weights or dumbbells. A gallon of water weighs about eight and a half pounds, which is the best alternative when you want to lift weights.

3- Do your home workout routine without doing the usual routine

This may seem unclear and confusing, but this makes sense when you understand it completely. Doing workout routines without doing it in your usual way means that you can try various schemes to do your workout while still accomplishing your routine’s goal. For example, you can play your favorite music playlist while doing your home workout routine.

You can sit in front of your TV and watch while lifting dumbells, doing pushups, and many more. You can also try doing your home workout routine by doing your chores or cleaning your house. By doing this, you will not only gain muscles and be fit, but you also have the time to clean your house.

4- Boost motivation by rewarding yourself

You can try boosting your motivation by continuously rewarding yourself after a successful workout. You can try saying that you will put $1 in a jar for every pushup you can accomplish. This will motivate you to continue working hard and surpass your limits.

5- Keep challenging yourself and surpass what you did yesterday

Always exceed your performance yesterday and challenge yourself today. If you did 15 pushups yesterday, try making it 16 this time. It’s a slow process, but eventually, you will improve yourself and have a successful result.

Make sure not to overdo it and increase your workout’s intensity to 100% in just a day. Increase it one at a time and keep challenging yourself to spice up your home workout routine.

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