5 Games that Don’t Let Boredom Hijack You!

Technology isn’t just anathema to backwardness; it is also the enemy of boredom.

We now have so many expected benefits to enjoy – and some unexpected ones too! For example, now, you have numerous ways to keep yourself engaged. You can keep boredom away by playing different games.

Sure, they may not be as productive a pastime as other options, but playing video games has several benefits. Even if they didn’t, sometimes you just need to relax, and our list of games will allow you to do just that!

Let’s get going then:

PUBG Mobile

If you are a gamer, you could already be familiar with the influence Battle Royale games have on this field. They are a huge sensation that has transformed gaming forever. That specific game would drop a company of players (a hundred of them to be exact) into a designated area.

From there onwards, they have to take steps for their continued survival. That includes collecting loot and combatting the other players.

Additionally, they’d have to keep an eye on the passing of time. That’s because the game forces all the players together by reducing the area they can operate in. In the end, the player — or team of players — that is still standing is declared the winner.

You can well understand that while the concept has a certain simplicity, it is nonetheless quite brilliant. For one, Battle Royale games result in some intense faceoffs. Secondly, they also allow players to test their mettle and indulge in healthy competition.

Even though Players Unknown Battlegrounds or PUBG wasn’t the pioneer in Battle Royale games, experts also credit it with perfecting the concept. That is the main reason behind their widespread popularity.

Moreover, by breaking into PC and XBOX market segments, the game creators were able to reach more players. Then they added to the already swollen ranks of PUBG players by releasing a mobile version of the game that is free to play!

You may want to try out PUBG Mobile for all the reasons we have mentioned before. And you might also be attracted by its seamless fluidity and well-developed structure. Furthermore, you can play solo and in multiple modes.

But if you’re interested in some camaraderie, build your team of two or four gamers. At present, you and your team members may range over four maps. However, the creators keep adding more maps and game modes as they update. Take it for a spin here!

Zombies Can’t Jump 2

Unlimited Gamez mo is well-known for living up to its name and offering players uncountable numbers of games. This next game, Zombies Can’t Jump 2, isn’t just a breath of fresh air. It is also an original that you can only find on the website.

Moreover, its simplicity and highly accessible nature make this tower defense game attractive to newcomers too. Although the old hands still find it sufficiently challenging.

Now in the game, the zombie outbreak is taking place. Therefore, the players must ensure their survival by fighting the zombies! To keep things interesting, players have to use all kinds of creative solutions. For instance, you must consolidate your defenses.

You can also unleash your rage on the undead by plunging TNT devices, crates, and spiked balls into their midst. Moreover, you will also have gun turrets to spray the shambling masses with bullets. The game is playable and re-playable in different ways, and you’ll have 30 original levels to continue the good fight.

Heroes of the Storm

Even if Blizzard didn’t join the MOBA party until recently, its release — in the form of Heroes of the Storm – makes up for the late entry. If you are familiar with other Blizzard games, you will recognize many of the heroes and villains when they make their appearance in this one.

Both the game’s battlegrounds and the characters are equally important for a great experience. Therefore, you won’t have to be content with just one map or gaming mode.

Enjoy a plethora of maps and have fun discovering the unique objectives for each of them. Moreover, this Blizzard game sets itself further apart with unusual character control. For instance, two players control Cho’Gall while Abathur will be happy to remain seated in your base throughout matches.


Fortnite isn’t just available on PC. It is also available for mobile – both iOS and Android! It is everywhere and loved by almost every gamer. Tired of hearing about it from everyone? Give it a chance because its popularity is well-earned and well-deserved.

Firstly, Fortnite is fun. Just as with the other battle royale games, you are plunged into a battle zone with 99 more players. The map shows a massive expanse at the start, which then begins to shrink until not much of a safe zone remains — similarly, the one player who manages to stay alive until the culmination becomes the winner.

However, aren’t you tired of games that constantly reward good aimers and shooters? Was your answer hell yeah? Then Fortnite is the game for you since it is also a crafting game. Being skilled at building fortresses and mega-structures will get you ahead in Fortnite too! Moreover, the creators add new mechanics with each update and keep the seasonal structure fresh for regular players.

Planetside 2

You may not remember what the gaming arena looked like when Destiny hadn’t dropped into orbit. However, that was when Planetside 2 lit our lives. It was an incredible first-person battle game that pulled out every stop.

But what is even more amazing about Planetside 2 is that you can play it for free. Like in most games, you may have to invest in some in-game purchases. But even without those, you’d be able to take part in one of the biggest gaming battles using just your default equipment! Assault the enemy base en masse and make them pay in blood.

Or, scan the horizon staying alert for the enemy convoy. Either way, this free game isn’t prosaic or you can rent Xbox One games.

Did we miss any game worth mentioning? Let us know which other games you prefer and why!

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  1. I never knew if League of Legends was more competitive than LoL Facebook Covers or other games, so when I started playing League of Legends I thought it would be a good alternative to something like Team Fortress 2, which already had huge potential.

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