5 Great Places to Eat in Paris France

When many think of Paris France, there are two things that come to mind. They are the Eiffel Tower and French cuisine. There are no shortages of fine dining restaurants, bars, cafes, tearooms, and fast food eateries for you to choose from in Paris.

With that said, if you want a good experience, you should dine at least once at one of Paris’s top-rated eateries. So, which restaurants come highly rated and recommended?

1- Villa Spicy

The Villa Spicy is located at 8 Avenue Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Villa Spicy Paris

Once you step inside the Villa Spicy restaurant, you will find a beautiful display of color and design. Comfortable, yet modern and elegant chairs and décor make you feel as if you stepped into a luxurious, five-star restaurant. Yes, the food is good, but this restaurant is also great for families, as there is an entertainment center for children on site.

What is nice about the Villa Spicy is live, online booking. This means that you could secure your reservation once you arrive in Paris or even from home.

Eat in Villa Spicy Paris

As for what tourists have to say about the Villa Spicy, some want to return when they visit Paris again. Others loved the quick service, while most thought the restaurant was beautiful. Tourists from the United States were pleased with the availability of a menu in English.

2- Mandala Ray

Eat in Mandala Ray Paris

The Mandala Ray is located at 24 Rue Marbeuf. It is most well-known for its famous owners, which include actors John Malkovich, Johnny Depp, and Sean Penn.

What is nice about the Mandala Ray is its elegant, yet laid back atmosphere. It serves as a bar and a restaurant. This means that you could spend the evening dining on fine cuisine and the afternoon dancing the night away.

As for what tourists, like you, have to say about the Mandala Ray, I most loved it. Many thought the atmosphere was beautiful, the staff was pleasant, and the food was tasty.

3- Laduree

The Laduree is located at 75 Avenue des Champs Elysees. It is a high-class restaurant, which is also home to a bakery.

Laduree, Eat in Laduree Paris

What is nice about the Laduree is its location. Champs Elysees is Paris’s most well-known avenue. It is filled with other fine dining restaurants, cafes, and boutiques. This means that you do not have to travel far to have a nice meal followed by an afternoon full of shopping.

Eat in Laduree France

As for what tourists have to say about the Laduree, it comes highly rated and recommended. The house special is macarons, otherwise known as biscuits. Many claim the food is delicious, as well as original.

4- The Buddha-Bar

The Buddha-Bar

The Buddha-Bar is located at 8 Rue Boissy d’Anglais. It is a popular, yet unique restaurant that is watched over by a large Buddha.

According to the official website for this restaurant, the Buddha Bar is like “plunging into a rejuvenating bath.” This combination of bar-restaurant is most well-known for its modern and exotic atmosphere.

As for what customers have to say about the Buddha Bar, it too comes highly rated and recommended. The food is great, but many commented on the unique ambiance and music played.

5- Angelina

Angelina is located at 226 Rue de Rivoli. This tearoom is the place to be for breakfast or an early lunch.

Angelina Paris

What is nice about Angelina is the house specials. The Chocolat African, a specialty hot chocolate, and the Mont Blanc, a specialty muffin, are hits among all eaters. Although brunch is served, this tearoom is the busiest early in the morning.

As for what tourists have to say about Angelina’s, they say it is the best place in Paris for hot chocolate. Aside from the tasty food, the quick and friendly service was highlighted as well.

As a reminder, there are hundreds of cafes, restaurants, tearooms, and fast food eateries for you to choose from in Paris. On that note, not all offer the same cuisine and the same level of service. The eateries sampled above are rated high by tourists, such as yourself.

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