5 Health Reasons Why Yoga Is Good For You

Cynthia and Alexander – writers and entrepreneurs, were inspired to travel the world. “Normal” 9-to-5 jobs were not for them

Cynthia and Alexander – writers and entrepreneurs, were inspired to travel the world. “Normal” 9-to-5 jobs were not for them, so they decided to follow their dreams and started the Travel your Memories #1 -an adventurous travel blog for everyone- with the goal of sharing their passion for travel. Cynthia and Alexander share in this article why they practice yoga and what the health benefits are.

Is yoga healthy? That is the big question that everyone has. Each person has his own reasons to practice yoga. There are a lot of videos about how to do yoga but the health benefits aren’t always clearly explained. Yoga’s main goal is not to bring you good health, but it is an important side effect that will occur when you practice it. That’s one of the reasons why we practicing yoga.

There are countless reasons why yoga is healthy. We have listed our 5 main yoga health reasons. Hopefully, we can motivate you to try it and experience the benefits yourself.

For us as travel bloggers, the long walks and carrying heavy things like our backpacks takes a lot for our body. To improve this, we started practicing yoga. We experience many benefits, both mentally and physically.

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1- Move consciously

Exercise is the main reason for many to practice yoga. In today’s society, many studies show that people exercise less compared to the past. People have developed a narrow posture, stress, and tension. You may recognize one of these factors. By moving consciously you can solve all these problems. Of course when you are running, for example, you also move, but these aren’t conscious movements. By consciously moving you create more space in the body, your breathing gets more space and your body relaxes. By consciously moving you become stronger and more flexible, which is a great advantage if you exercise every day to prevent injuries. By moving consciously, you help your body to function properly. As a result, waste products in your body can be removed, it helps to release tension from your body, organs, and muscles are well supplied with blood and finally, the nutrients and oxygen are well placed in your cells. Just by consciously moving you can already achieve many physical benefits. This reason alone is enough to try yoga yourself.


2- breathing

Another important part of yoga is breathing. Within the yoga community, they also say: “without breathing there is actually no yoga”. During yoga class, you will be invited to breathe with focus. Because you work on your posture during yoga, you create more space so that you can breathe more freely. By breathing consciously you can influence your nervous system because this is in connection with each other. The nervous system is reconnected to your hormone and immune system. By breathing consciously you can improve all these factors.


3- stress

Another advantage of breathing is that it takes you to the here and now. It helps you to put things into perspective and you will experience less stress. Today, many people experience stress. Many people live on autopilot. Some people feel that they cannot influence their lives. It gives them the feeling that they are being lived. By practicing yoga you force yourself to take a break and work on yourself. It is a nice feeling and brings a positive effect on your stress level.


4- Calm thoughts

Yoga is an exercise where you are triggered to stop moving and control your thoughts. They call it within yoga: calming the fluctuations of the mind. This is one of the definitions of yoga. So yoga is actually calming your mind, which creates more space, feel less stress so that you feel better. So in addition to physical positive effects, it also has a lot of benefits for your thoughts.


5- Vagus nerve

Another effect, something scientific, is that yoga has an effect on the vagus nerve. The Vagus nerve is a nerve that runs from your brain through your entire body. Unlike other nerves that run through your spine. The vagus nerve is also called the wandering nerve. This nerve is connected to all your important organs. The vagus nerve communicates to your brain to give your body feedback. When you experience a lot of stress, the vagus nerve doesn’t work properly. When the vagus nerve works properly, your body receives the right signals so that you can control your body and thoughts.


Are you enthusiastic and do you want to start yoga?

As you can read, yoga is healthy for different reasons. Don’t be afraid to try it out. Ask a local yoga group to give it a try, they are happy to welcome others to the world of yoga. Enjoy!


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